Sensory Motor Aids

The sensory motor aids featured in this section are made to improve a child's touch and feel skills. Soft play items like play balls and aids to improve balance and co-ordination are included here.
A range of therapy and massage balls with a spiky surface.
A colourful hand-held device which helps blow up smaller inflatables such as Gym Balls.
A range of inflatable gym balls that can be used in training, therapy and rehab.
A plastic hand pump that can be used to inflate gym balls and other therapy equipment.
Exercise rolls that provide more stability than balls, ideal for children.
A simple activity cube that can help develop fine motor skills.
A set of unique smelling dough blocks that are designed to teach the user about different smells.
A wobble board that is useful for training, therapy and rehabilitation.
A more gentle, stable alternative to a traditional exercise ball, suiting children or less agile adults.
A useful kit for testing perception and sensory abilities.
This pop-up fabric house is useful for sensory and motor therapy.
A 30-hole wooden pegboard and brightly coloured pegs to entertain users of any age and ability.
Versatile posture rolls for a wide range of balance and body positioning activities.
A range of fun light-up accessories to play with, ideal for use with the Junior Dark Den.
A portable sensory pod that can be used in combination or alone, ideal for various therapeutic environments.
This testing shield is useful for helping a patient focus during sensory assessment.
A range of versatile foam rolls that can help with positioning support and therapy.
An easy to put up dark room that can be used in light and sensory therapy.
A great sensory and tactile resource for Occupational or Play Therapists working with children.
A set of ten rubber discs of different shapes and colours that can be used in a range of different therapies.
A kit containing a range of interesting objects for use in tactile therapy.
A pack of various objects that can provide sensory stimulation, for use in tactile therapy.
A sensory kit that contains a variety of interesting and unusual objects.
A range of dense foam wedges for use in therapy and as seating support.
This board can be used in motor control and sensory training.
A bag containing a range of interesting objects that can be used in tactile therapy.
A padded foam wedge that aids in promoting proper leg position.
A wooden easel that enables a group to play the classic game of noughts and crosses.
An extra-thick and comfortable mat for exercise and rehab purposes.
A range of positioning pillows filled with polystyrene beads.