Writing & Artwork Aids

This section features a range of tools to help with handwriting or artwork. These include items to help holding pens and pencils. Rubber grips and build-ups can help those with unstable or weak grip.
A simple yet effective pack of grip aids that make using pens and pencils easier.
A specially adapted pen with a built-up grip that allows easier writing and drawing.
A pack of three gripping aids which can be fitted to any pen or pencil for improved grip.
A length of foam tubing that can be cut to size and used to increase the handle diameter of a range of items.
A handy tool that can securely grip paper and hold it in place to enable one handed cutting and writing.
A simple soft-foam grip that can be slid onto pens and pencils.
A set of simple yet innovative grip aids for use with a range of utensils.
A simple to use pair of tabletop scissors with a spring mechanism.
A pack of 3 soft PVC writing grips that fit onto the majority of pens and pencils.
Disposable clothing protectors with a simple adhesive backing and absorbent layer, ideal for mealtimes or arts and crafts.
A soft and non-slip grip that can be slotted onto a pencil to make it easier to hold.
A versatile range of foam tubes that can be used to make the handles of various items thicker and easier to grasp.
A useful writing aid that is designed for people with poor grip and hand function.
A useful grip aid that can be used to make pens and pencils easier to grasp.
A simple tool that can make pens and pencils easier to grip and use.
A useful writing aid designed for people with poor hand and grip function.
A angled writing surface that can be placed on top of a desk or table.
A height adjustable table that allows children to work and dine.
A compact, height adjustable table ideal for use with wheelchairs or in small spaces.
A versatile table with an angle-adjustable top surface.
This table has a tilting tabletop with a recess to enable easier access.
An innovative desk that has two independently adjustable table tops.
This versatile table is suitable for a range of activities and can accommodate wheelchairs and walkers.
A versatile table with four castors and a tilting top.
This tilting table is designed to be used with powered wheelchairs.
A large and spacious table that has a height adjustable top.
A versatile, height-adjustable table with four castors.
A large circular table that can accommodate up to four people at once.
A large and spacious table that has an electrical height adjustment function.
A specially designed table with a battery powered height adjustment.