Rising Seats

This section features rising seats, items which fit onto conventional chairs and lift the user to a standing position. These products site beneath the sitter like a cushion and are easy to operate. The rising seats available here are available as electric or self-powering versions.

An easy to use rising aid to assist in getting up from a chair.
A simple rising aid that can be used with existing chairs.
A useful device that assists the user when rising from a seat.
A set of four chair raisers which allow the height of furniture to be safely raised by 7-10cm (3 to 4 inch).
A convenient height-raising unit for most chair types, allowing conventional chairs to be accessed more easily.
A clever tool for simply raising the height of sofas by 75mm (3 inch).
A useful device that can turn any normal chair into a riser chair.
A simple to operate rising aid that is ideal for people with weak legs and poor mobility.
A simple and effective foam block that can be used to raise the height of a seat.
A convenient chair height raiser comprising of four moulded blocks linked together by sturdy wooden bars.
Two sets of two sturdy blocks with a broad base, allowing the height of most beds to be adapted to a more comfortable level.
A useful rising aid that is ideal for people with poor leg strength.
A set of four furniture height raisers which can be fitted to beds or chairs with legs.
A hydraulic rising aid for use on chairs by people with poor mobility.