The dressing aids in this section are designed to be useful for those with limited flexibility or mobility. These devices can be vital towards maintaining a sense of independence. Under the broad heading of dressing aids, you will find here aids to put on socks, shoes and other clothing.

The dressing aids in this section are designed to be useful for those with limited flexibility or mobility. These devices can be vital towards maintaining a sense of independence. Under the broad heading


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  • This section provides a range of shoe lace locks, elastic shoe laces and stretchy shoe laces. These dressing aids assist those with limited strength and dexterity in tying shoelaces independently. Ideal for those suffering from arthritis, these laces are available in a number of different lengths, colours and styles, ensuring that there is something in this department to suit your personal preference. These lace aids permit the user to remove the need to tie up their laces by locking them in place, providing a simple slip-on shoe. Welcome Mobility aims to provide the highest quality shoelace aids at affordable prices.
  • Here you will find a number of dressing stick and button hook options as well as a variety of dressing aids for disabled and elderly people. These aids assist with putting clothes on the body or doing up buttons and zips. Ideal for those with a limited range of motion or dexterity, these aids promote prolonged independent living by allowing the user the freedom to dress unassisted. Available in several functions, styles and designs, this selection of aids is sure to have something that will suit your personal and medical requirements.
  • In this department, you will be directed to a range of handy reachers and reaching stick devices. Specially designed to aid those with limited mobility, these reacher grabber sticks are extendable tools that are perfect for performing tasks around the house, reaching for items and aiding the user in getting dressed. Available in a number of different designs, colours and lengths, this section is sure to have an aid to suit your specific personal needs. These dressing aids are ideal for those who cannot stretch or move far such as the elderly or those with disabilities.
  • Here you will find a selection of shoe horns for sale. This dressing aids section has everything you could require from metal shoe horn devices to long handled shoe horn options and so much more. Ideal for the elderly and those with limited mobility, these aids allow for easier dressing and therefore prolongs independent living. Available in a number of materials, sizes and designs, this section is guaranteed to have a shoehorn aid to suit your personal needs and preferences. These aids can also be used as a therapeutic device in teaching those with brain-altering injuries to be independent in some respects.
  • Welcome Mobility offers an extensive range of sock assist device options. Providing a sock aid for elderly and disabled people can prolong independent living by offering a device that is designed for dressing such as to help putting socks on. Ideal for those with limited mobility or have strength and dexterity issues in their hands and upper body. This independent dressing aid can improve confidence and reduce fall risk due to bending and stretching. Available in a number of designs, sizes and with additional functions, this section is sure to have a dressing aid to perfectly suit your individual needs.
Frequently Asked Questions
What are dressing aids?

Dressing aids are devices which assist with the process of getting dressed or undressed.

Who might need mobility aids to help get dressed?

Those with reduced flexibility, strength, balance or coordination may find them useful tools.

These dressing aids can help promote independence and may become important for people undertaking rehab programmes after illnesses like a stroke.

Are there aids to help put on socks or stockings?

There are a variety of devices to help put on stocks and stockings.

They are ideal for those who may lack the flexibility to reach down to their feet and pull socks over them.

How do aids to put on socks work?

There are several basic designs.

One is based on a plastic or wire frame, which the sock is stretched over and the foot placed into before the device is pulled up the leg.

Another design uses a plastic ‘gutter’ over which the open sock is stretched.

The gutter is then pulled up and over the foot by means of two cords.

Do dressing aids take practice to master?

Aids to help get dressed often take some time to get used to.

Sock Aids in particular may require practice in order to learn the technique.

Is equipment available to help put on shoes?

As well as the classic shoehorn, there are other pieces of equipment which assist with putting on shoes and taking them off again.

For those who have discomfort bending to reach their feet, elastic laces may help.

These effectively turn any pair of shoes into ‘slip-ons’.

They stay permanently tied, so the user only has to slide their feet into the shoe’s aperture.

Elastic laces provide just enough slack to allow this to happen, while still holding the shoe in place once the foot is inside.

These dressing aids for the elderly who have compromised flexibility are great day-to-day pieces of equipment.

Elastic shoe laces sometimes have a coiled design which does a similar job as tied flat laces.

Are dressing aids for stroke survivors practical pieces of kit?

Stroke survivors often face difficulties with their daily routines because of partial paralysis in particular areas of the body.

It may, for example, cause some to have difficulty using one arm or hand.

Aids like dressing sticks have special hooks on either end designed to help lift shirts and other items of clothing over the shoulder.

Other tools like button hooks enable the user to do up buttons without needing two hands.

Leg-lifter straps may help the process of putting on trousers, or lifting your legs onto the bed.

Is it possible to use reaching aids to help get dressed?

A reacher or grabber can be a useful dressing aid for those having difficulty getting dressed.

They are great for pulling up trousers or reaching items of clothing from the floor, if you’re having difficulty with that task.

They have gripping jaws at one end of their shaft, plus a trigger at the other which enables the user to pick up out-of-reach items.

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