General Dressing Aids

These dressing aids include items to help put on bras, shirts and trousers. Simple devices are also featured which help with doing up buttons or zips. These dressing aids can be helpful tools to those with limited flexibity or range of motion.
This simple metal ring and clip can be used to make zippers easier to operate.
A multi-purpose tool that can assist in dressing with garments that have zips or buttons.
A tie that is fastened around the neck with a simple zipper.
These leather tab zip pullers will make life so much easier; they will fit 95% of zips because of the thin wire clasp.
A simple leg lifting tool that has two handles to allow for excellent control.
A useful tool that can e used to aid in independent dressing.
A useful tool that makes dressing independently easier for people with dexterity issues.
A useful dressing aid that can be used to put on a variety of garments.
A supportive thigh lifting tool which helps gently position the leg following an injury or surgery.
A useful dressing aid that can make putting on clothing easier for people with mobility restrictions.
A dual-use dressing aid that can assist in using buttons and zips.
A long-handled shoe horn that makes putting on and removing shoes easier and strain-free.
A flexible yet strong leg-lifting tool which gently cradles the foot and allows easy manoeuvring of the leg.
A large and easy to grasp ring that can be attached to zippers.
A useful dressing aid tat has a thick handle to make it easy to hold and use.
A light and flexible lifting aid which helps lift the leg safely - a practical option after a surgery.
A simple dressing aid that enables the user to fasten buttons with just one hand.
An economical leg-raising aid which helps you gently manoeuvre the leg into position when transferring to another seat.
A dual use dressing aid that can make putting on clothes and shoe easier for people with mobility restrictions.
A simple yet highly effective tool for helping fasten buttons more easily, suitable for one-handed use.