Shoe Horns

The shoe horns in this section come in a variety of designs. Most are have long-handles, making it easier to put on shoes without bending down. A shoe horn like this can be an important dressing tool for those with limited flexibility.

A long-handled plastic shoehorn that provides excellent reach and grip.
A sturdy steel shoehorn which makes putting on shoes more easy.
Strong, plastic moulded yellow shoehorn with long handle for easy reach.
A useful dressing aid that makes putting on and removing shoes easier.
A comfortable hooked shoehorn that helps prevent discomfort from bending over while putting on shoes.
A long shoehorn with a thick and easy to grasp handle.
A durable and smooth plastic shoe horn that makes putting on and removing shoes possible without bending over.
A useful tool that allows shoes to be removed without bending over.
A dual use dressing aid that can make putting on clothes and shoe easier for people with mobility restrictions.
A high quality shoe horn with a long chrome stem and a spring loaded blade.
This shoe horn has a sprung blade and a chrome finish.
A long handled shoe horn that is ideal for people with reaching and flexibility restrictions.
A long-handled shoe horn that makes putting on and removing shoes easier and strain-free.
A handy shoehorn made from durable plastic, designed to help put on or remove shoes with ease.
A handy shoehorn with a long stem and soft handle for putting on shoes more easily.
A useful dressing aid that can be used to assist in putting on and removing shoes without bending over.