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Evacuation Overlay

Evacuation Overlay

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This Evacuation Overlay is designed to be put on top of an existing mattress.

It is thick, soft and comfortable.

The cover is breathable to prevent uncomfortable moisture and heat build up.

It has side tucks that will secure it to the bed.

What makes the Evacuation Overlay unique is that it can also be used to evacuate the patient quickly and without the need of a transfer.

The side tucks can be folded over the patient to keep them securely in place.

A strong strap at either end allows the overlay to be carried by two carers.

The flexible nature of the overlay makes it easy to move through tight spaces and around corners.

A durable PVC bottom section ensures it is long lasting and hard to damage.

Max safe user weight: 153kg (24 stone).

Thickness: 90mm (3 1/2 inch).

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