Foot Stool with Handrail

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This Foot Stool with Handrail can be useful in a range of situations.

It can aid in reaching high shelves and can assist in bath transfers.

The chrome-plated steel construction makes it both strong and resistant to corrosion.

A textured rubber mat on the top surface provides a secure place to stand.

The long handrail provides additional balance and stability support.

Non-slip rubber ferrules prevent the Foot Stool with Handrail from shifting around during use.

Base footprint: 34 x 43cm (13 x 17 inch).

Footplate size: 28 x 37cm (11 x 15 inch).

Stool height: 22cm (9 inch).

Handle height: 87cm (34 inch).

Max safe user weight: 125kg (19 stone).

Weight: 4kg (3/4 stone).

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