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Full Length Bath Mat

Full Length Bath Mat

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The Full Length Bath Mat provides greater safety and confidence while bathing, minimising the risks associated with slipping.

This comfortable mat has an extra-long length which gives non-slip protection to almost the entire length of the bath.

It is made from soft natural rubber that has a gently textured surface, giving a luxurious ‘massage’ feel while bathing.

It is durable, pliable and extremely resistant to corrosion from water.

The Full Length Bath Mat requires no installation: simply press it onto the base of the bath, where it is held in place by 277 miniature suction cups on the underside of the mat.

One end features a U-shaped cut-out to make space for the bath plug.

The Full Length Bath Mat is ideal for elderly or less mobile people, giving peace of mind that they are not at risk of slipping while enjoying a bath.

Length: 41 inch (1040mm)

Width: 15 inch (400mm). 

Colour: beige.

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