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Harley Shaped Leg Raiser

Harley Shaped Leg Raiser

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The Harley Shaped Leg Raiser is used to elevate and support the lower limbs whilst in bed.

It is made from dense foam and has a fleece cover for comfort.

The shape of the Harley Shaped Leg Raiser means that both the knee and ankle joints are fully supported.

A recess is provided to comfortably hold the calf muscle.

By elevating the legs, the user can expect to reduce lower back pain and increase blood flow.

Width: 45cm (18 inch).

Length: 63cm (25 inch).

Height (high): 18cm (7 1/4 inch).

Height (low): 8cm (3 1/4 inch).

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Following hip replacement this item was an absolute essential to ensure comfortable sleeping position when forced to lie on my back. James Lander.

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