Heathfield Combi Toileting Chair

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The Heathfield Combi Toileting Chair can be used as a chair, a commode and as a potty.

A padded vinyl seat offers comfort and it is simple to wipe clean.

This can be detached to reveal a plastic toilet seat and commode pan.

The pan has a lid, handle and splash guard to ensure hygiene.

A handrail at the front of the Heathfield Combi Toileting Chair ensures safety and user stability.

Both the seat and armrest height is adjustable for a personalised fit.

Size 1

Height of seat: 220-315mm (8-12 inches).

Width: 290mm (11 inches).

Depth of seat: 250-310mm (9-12 inches).

Height of backrest: 280mm (11 inches).

Max safe user weight: 50kg (7 3/4 stone).

Size 2

Height of seat: 270-365mm (10-14 inches).

Width: 325mm (12 inches).

Depth of seat: 270-330mm (10-13 inches).

Height of backrest: 350mm (13 inches).

Max safe user weight: 60kg (9 1/2 stone).

Size 3

Height of seat: 300-400mm (11-15 inches).

Width: 365mm (14 inches).

Depth of seat: 300-360mm (11-14 inches).

Height of backrest: 395mm (15 inches).

Max safe user weight: 70kg (11 stone).

Size 4

Height of seat: 330-430mm (13-17 inches).

Width: 435mm (17 inches).

Depth of seat: 355-410mm (14-16 inches).

Height of backrest: 440mm (17 inches).

Max safe user weight: 70kg (11 stone).

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