Non-Slip Products

Here you will find our range of non slip products like mats and netting, designed to keep items firmly in place on flat surfaces. These non slip products are helpful in a range of tasks in the kitchen and elsewhere around the home.
A self-adhesive tape that can be used to make handles more comfortable and easier to grasp.
A range of non-slip pads made from Dycem material.
A non-slip, food grade mesh that can be used to line the draws in a fridge.
A very useful non slip mat that can be used under your chopping board.
A table mat made from a non-slip, non-toxic fabric.
A multi purpose non-slip mat that can be cut to size and shape if required.
A versatile range of non-slip mats in a variety of different shapes.
A range of grippy coasters that help to reduce drink spills.
A simple tool that prevents hot cooking pans from damaging work surfaces.
These non-slip pads can be stuck onto a bath to make bathing safer.
A roll of non-slip matting made from a specially developed fabric material.
A non-slip bath mat that can be used to make bathing safer and more comfortable.
A versatile non-slip mat that can be used in the kitchen.
This non-slip underlay keeps mats, rugs and hard flooring firmly in place, preventing unwanted movement or slips.
A range of self-adhesive non-slip pads for use on the floor of a bath.
A rectangular table amt that provides a versatile non-slip surface.
A range of versatile non-slip pads made from Dycem.
A reel of multi-purpose Dycem matting that has a range of non-slip applications.
A versatile latex netting mat which can be placed on tables or work surfaces to provide a hygienic non-slip surface.
A roll of unique polymer resin fabric that is ideal for use as a non-slip matting.
An attractive and practical set of 6 table placemats and coasters.
A rubber bath mat that has raised nodules on the surface to make it more comfortable.
A roll of versatile non-slip material that can be cut to size and shape.
A reel of versatile non-slip matting that can be cut to size.
A multi-purpose sheet of non-slip netting that can be used in many different situations.
A durable plastic device that can be used to make opening bottles easier.
A non-slip pad that can be used to make bed, chair and wheelchair transfers safer.
A roll of versatile, non-slip Dycem that has a variety of uses and applications.