Inflating Bathing Cushion

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This Inflating Bathing Cushion can be inflated to provide a comfortable and supportive place to sit in the bath.

It also enables the user to be gently lowered and raised into and out of the bath.

An Airflo compressor unit controls the level of inflation.

When the cushion is fully inflated the user sits on it.

The air is slowly removed and the user is gently lowered.

A small amount of air can be left in the Inflating Bathing Cushion to make a comfortable seat.

The plastic construction makes it easy to wipe clean.

Seat height: 35-420mm (1 1/2-16 1/2 inch).

Seat depth: 445mm (17 1/2 inch).

Width: 590mm (23 inch).

Headrest length: 350mm (13 3/4 inch).

Weight: 2kg (1/4 stone).

Max user weight: 135kg (21 stone).

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