This section contains aids to help in the kitchen with feeding, drinking and food preparation. Feeding aids in particular can be an big help to those suffering with a range of physically restrictive conditions. Kitchen related mobility aids cover a variety of items from adapted cutlery to scoop plates and modified drinking cups.

This section contains aids to help in the kitchen with feeding, drinking and food preparation. Feeding aids in particular can be an big help to those suffering with a range of physically restrictive


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  • This department offers a range of adapted cutlery for disabled or elderly people. Specially designed easy grip cutlery is a must-have for those with dexterity or strength issues. These cutlery sets make eating meals an easier and more independent task to boost confidence. Ensuring users are actively consuming their meals without spilling, many of these kitchen aids have been made with special technology that reduces the effects of shaking on the device. Suitable for use both in the home, when travelling or within specialist care facilities, these cutlery sets are an essential piece of equipment.
  • Welcome Mobility provides an extensive range of adult bibs in the UK. This range consists of a number of disposable bibs for adults, waterproof bibs and several aprons to guard against spilling. Ideal for those with tremors or dexterity issues, these aids protect the user and clothing from potential spills from food and drink. Many of these bibs are washable and reusable to ensure cost-effectiveness and reduce plastic waste. Welcome Mobility aims to provide the highest quality kitchen aids at the most affordable price to ensure those with disabilities have their needs met effectively.
  • This section offers a range of childrens cutlery set options as well as a selection of childrens crockery. These have been designed to help children with disabilities during mealtimes to promote independent eating. Many of these childrens knife and fork sets have been made to combat tremors and reduced dexterity to allow children with disabilities to confidently eat by themselves. Available in a number of different designs, sizes and materials, this section is sure to have a device to perfectly suit your individual medical and personal preferences. Suitable for use in the home, in schools or in specialised care facilities.
  • This department provides a variety of childrens crockery in the UK. These children's dishes make mealtimes easier and promote their independence. Many of these childrens plates and bowls feature anti-spill suction cups to increase stability and reduce mess when the child is learning how to eat alone. These crockery sets come in a range of different sizes, designs and shapes to ensure there is something to suit your child's individual need and personal preference. Some of these paediatric crockery sets are microwave safe or feature technology to keep food warm for longer periods of time. See these other kitchen aids.
  • Welcome Mobility offers a range of drinking cups for elderly people and non spill mugs for disabled people. This selection features a variety of drinking cups with lids to reduce spill risk and help the user gain independence. These cups have a large selection of designs, sizes and additional features to ensure there is an option for your individual medical and personal preferences. Many of these mugs have anti-tremor technology to help those with Parkinson’s or other neurological tremor disorders to intake fluids without spills. Suitable for use both in the home, when travelling or within care establishments such as hospitals, hospices and care home. You can find more kitchen aids here.
  • This section provides a number of Utensil Strap options that aid users in holding their utensils such as knives and forks. These knife and fork strap aids are essential in keeping safe while eating and cooking, Featuring a range of different brands such as the goodie strap utensil holder to provide the user with a durable and cost-effective kitchen aid. Available in several designs, colours and lengths, these straps are a must-have tool for those with tremors or poor dexterity in their hands. Suitable for use in the home, travelling or in care facilities such as hospitals or care homes.
  • Here you will find a variety of kettle tippers and easy pour kettle options. Ideal for those with limited strength or dexterity, these lightweight kettles for disabled and elderly people allow an enhanced element of independence when using kitchen aids. Allowing the user, the ability to complete a simple task such as making a cup of tea, will greatly improve their confidence and prolong independent living. These kettle aids come in a number of different designs, colours, sizes and weights to perfectly suit the user’s medical and personal preferences. Suitable for use within domestic and care homes.
  • This kitchen aids department provides a number of lap trays in the UK. With a vast range, this section can offer a lap tray with legs and wooden lap tray options. Perfect for those with limited mobility or are bed-bound, these trays provide a secure and stable table for users to rest their items on such as food, drink, laptops, books etc. Available in a selection of different designs, sizes and materials, there is guaranteed to be a tray that suits your personal medical and personal needs. Many of these trays are height adjustable to perfectly customise to the user for easier use.
  • Welcome Mobility provides a selection of anti slip mat and non slip placemats for preventing spills. Developed to reduce spilling or knocking over food and drink in the home, this range of non slip table mat designs are a must-have within a home or care facility such as a hospital or care home. Ideal for those with tremor disorders like Parkinson's or limited strength and dexterity in their hands, these mats are available in a number of different designs, sizes and colours to perfectly suit your personal needs and preferences. These kitchen aids available for both adults and children.
  • This section features a number of jar openers for arthritis sufferers in the UK. These specially designed jar and bottle opener devices assist the elderly and those with poor strength and dexterity in their hands to open various lids with ease. Available in a range of designs, weights and functions, these jar opener tool options are a must-have device in the home. Suitable for use in domestic or professional homes such as hospitals, care homes and hospices, these devices greatly increase the chance for prolonged independence of the user, therefore, improving confidence. Checkout these other kitchen aids here.
  • This department will direct you to a vast range of plates and bowls that aid those with strength and stability issues. This variety of high sided plates and deep plate bowl options reduce spill risk and promote increased independence in the elderly and those with disabilities. Many of these crockery sets come with suction cups to enhance the anti-spill technology and prevent the bowls and plates from being knocked over due to tremors disorders such as Parkinson’s. Suitable for use within a domestic home or professional care establishment, these kitchen aids are an essential piece of equipment.
  • Here you will find a range of mobility trolley with tray options. These trays assist the elderly and those with stability and mobility disabilities to promote enhanced independence. These kitchen aids can be used as a food trolley for elderly people to move unsupported while carrying food, drinks and other personal belongings. Ideal for use both within the home and within a care establishment, these mobility trolley with tray options come in a variety of different designs, colours, weights and heights to ensure the best fit for the user. Many of these trolleys come with additional accessories and are height adjustable.
  • Welcome Mobility provides an extensive range of one handed kitchen tools and kitchen gadgets for disabled people in the UK. Allowing those with limited mobility and the elderly to buy kitchen utensils specifically to aid their individual medical needs, this section has something to suit all. Featuring specialised cutlery with enhanced grip, many of these devices have been designed to aid those with limited strength and dexterity in their hands. Suitable for use both in the home and in a professional environment, these aids are an essential piece of equipment for prolonging independence in the home.
Frequently Asked Questions
What are kitchen disability aids?

Eating and drinking aids like adapted cutlery, plates and bowls.

Additionally, there’s a wide range of clever devices and equipment which make mealtimes easier for those living with certain conditions.

Mobility aids for the kitchen like wheeled trolleys are also included.

What sort of issues to do kitchen mobility aids assist with?

Being able to prepare meals is an important part of maintaining independence.

Safely chopping food while holding it steady may become difficult with shaky hands or reduced upper body strength or balance.

Similarly, regular cutlery may become more challenging to use.

Those with arthritis in the hands or fingers may find it painful gripping narrow knives and forks.

Who might need special eating and drinking disability aids?

There are many conditions which lead to physical issues like hand tremors, weakness or other coordination deterioration.

If you’re living with Parkinson’s disease or arthritis, among your symptoms may be a loss of strength or grip pressure.

Stroke survivors or those with MS or cerebral palsy may have similar symptoms.

What are the most popular eating and drinking aids?

Special cutlery which is adapted to make it easier to control are among the most commonly used kitchen aids.

Special forks and spoons are available with angled heads, making them easier to insert into the mouth.

Others have built-up, oversized grips or weighted handles, which many people with a hand tremor find easier to control than conventional narrow-handled knives, forks or spoons.

Items which require only a single hand are also popular.

A fork with a cutting blade down one side of the prongs, for example, means the user can cut and fork an item of food without needing two hands.

Scoop bowls have a raised lip on one side, making it easier to push food and scoop it up.

Are special cups and mugs available among the kitchen disability aids range?

Easy-to-control cups, often with handles, may make it easier for someone to drink without spillages.

There are also cups with spouts of varying sizes, if using a conventional drinking vessel is challenging.

Non-spill cups are among the most popular items in the eating and drinking aids category.

Weighted cups are also available.

Their extra weight is sometimes more easily controlled than light-weight alternatives.

Are straps available to attach cutlery to the hand?

Cutlery straps prevent knives, forks and spoons falling from the user’s hand, which can be a problem for people experiencing certain issues of coordination and control.

Are non-slip mats available?

Preventing hard objects sliding around on worktops makes non-slip mats important kitchen aids.

They’re ideal for laying beneath wooden chopping boards to stop them moving as you prepare food.

They are also great for use as placemats, should the user be prone to accidentally moving plates or bowls as they eat.

Are there special tin openers for people with weak grip?

There are a range of kitchen aids which make it easier to open tins, cans or bottles.

Do food preparation boards help maintain independence in the kitchen?

These clever pieces of equipment feature a chopping board with clever adaptations to hold food in position as you prepare it.

Some have vertical spikes to hold vegetables for cutting, along with a corner section which keeps slices of bread under control for spreading.

Similar kitchen aids feature in-bult knives which operate via a hinge on the tip, allowing the user to slice food without the risk of slipping.

Others have clamps which hold items of food firmly as you chop them.

Kitchen trolleys

Kitchen mobility aids include a range of mobility trolleys with shelves.

These assist in moving plates and other objections to and from the kitchen table or elsewhere.

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