Children's Plates & Bowls

This section contains children's plates and bowls made to make meal times easier. Here you will find bowles shaped to reduce spills and with suction bases to increase stability. Many of these paediatric feeding aids are also designed to keep food warm longer.
A simple tool that can be clipped to a plate to prevent food spillages.
Colourful adapted plates with a wide lip and high sides, enabling easier one-handed eating.
Clear surround fixes easily on to the plate to aid independence and minimise spillage when eating.
A useful dining aid that allows the user to eat with just one hand.
A specially designed plate that enables the user to dine with just one hand.
A handy plate that is split into three sections enabling it to be used to control and monitor portions.
This eating dish has been designed to allow one-handed use.
This bowl has been designed to reduce spillages and make dining easier.
A specially designed eating dish that enables one-handed eating.
A large, high-sided bowl with non-slip feet, ideal for preventing spillages while eating.
A durable plastic dish and lid which keeps food warm, ideal for people who take longer to finish a meal.
A specially designed plate that enables one-handed eating.
An easy to hold melamine plate and bowl designed for children.
This bowl and plate have been designed for children with poor hand and grip function.
A durable plate divided up into separate compartments, ideal for portion control and easier loading of food onto cutlery.
A discreet adapted plate with a concave edge and a non-slip base, helping users with limited mobility to eat without stress or spillages.