Kettle Tippers & Teapots

The kettle tippers in this section are helpfulf for those who might have difficulty lifting our pouring steadily using a full kettle. They allow the kettle to be tipped safely. A mini electric kettle is also included here.
A tea or coffee pot that keeps the liquid warmer for longer.
A handy frame that can accommodate a cordless kettle and make pouring safer and easier.
A lightweight kettle ideal for those with reduced grip or hand mobility.
A strong kettle tipping frame which helps pour water easily and safely, eliminating the need to lift or grip the kettle.
A sturdy metal frame that can be used to hold and tilt a kettle to enable hot water to be poured safely.
A useful kitchen aid that enables the safe pouring of hot water from a kettle or teapot.
A clever kettle or teapot tipping device which helps pour boiling water safely, ideal for users with a weak grip.
A lightweight and compact kettle that is ideal for use during travelling.
The Uccello Kettle is a safe and elegant assistive technology that makes handling boiling water safely seem effortless.