Plates & Bowls

These plates and bowls are designed to help those with physical grip or stability issues. In this section you will find plates and bowls with raised sides, plus others with suction bases to reduce spills. Plate guards are also available in this section.
A simple tool that can be clipped to a plate to prevent food spillages.
This plate surround is an economical clip-on solution to help push food onto a spoon or fork when dining.
A useful tool that enables one handed dining.
A plastic food guard which clips onto most plates to facilitate mess-free, one-handed eating.
A polycarbonate bowl that is lightweight and treated to be anti-bacterial.
A plastic guard that can be clipped to the edge of a plate to prevent spillages.
An adapted dining utensil which helps users with one hand to eat with less effort or mess.
This two-section plate and egg cup can be used to keep food warm for slow easters.
A useful dining aid that allows the user to eat with just one hand.
A simple polycarbonate guard that can be fixed to a plate to prevent mess.
A specially designed dish that can be used to enable one-handed dining.
This crockery is made from extra tough and durable Steelite for a long and useful life.
A dish that has a divider to split it into three separate sections.
A specially designed plate that can keep food warmer or cooler for longer.
This bowl has been designed to reduce spillages and make dining easier.
A specially designed eating dish that enables one-handed eating.
A deep, high-sided bowl that makes eating much easier.
This specially designed plate enables independent, one-handed dining.
A useful plate that is designed to facilitate one-handed use.
A specially designed bowl that is easy to hold and can be used one-handed.
A specially designed dish that enables one-handed dining.
A transparent plastic ring that clips onto a plate to reduce mess.
A handy plate that is easy to hold and has a specially shaped bowl to enable one-handed dining.
A durable plate divided up into separate compartments, ideal for portion control and easier loading of food onto cutlery.
A well designed melamine dish that enables one-handed dining.
A specially designed plate and bowl that are useful for people that take longer to eat meals.
A discreet adapted plate with a concave edge and a non-slip base, helping users with limited mobility to eat without stress or spillages.
A specially designed eating dish that is suitable for one-handed dining.