Trolleys & Trays

Here you will find kitchen trolleys and trays made to help move food and related items around with minimum strain. These wheeled trolleys often have shelves and are very stable. Also in this section are a range of lightweight, carryable trays.
A handy food and drinks tray, specially adapted for easy carrying with one hand.
A lap tray with a bean bag bottom that makes it comfortable and easy to use.
A versatile wooden over-bed tray that can be used for a range of activities.
A nice looking and practical tray that can be used by people in bed.
This useful trolley is ideal for domestic settings.
A unique walking frame that has two clip on carrying trays.
A steel framed trolley that can be used for delivering meals and medication to patients.
A sturdy metal trolley with four wheels and a frame that can be folded up.
A versatile mobility aid that combines support with the convenience of carrying items - with extra spacious shelves.
A convenient wheeled trolley with two durable shelves, in an extra compact design.
A sturdy metal trolley that can be used to deliver medication and meals to patients.
An attractive wooden trolley that also functions as a walking support.
A hardwood trolley that is useful for carrying meals and medication.
A unique tray tat can be used to provide a work surface to a seated user.
A lightweight and versatile trolley/ rollator with a carry bag, tray and an adjustable handle.