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Large Round Handle Mug

Large Round Handle Mug

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This Large Round Handle Mug is an ideal drinking utensil for people with visual or grip impairments.

It is made from melamine which is lightweight yet durable, ensuring the cup is easy to lift and shatter-proof.

The handle is large enough to be used with one or both hands to help minimise dropping or spillages.

This Large Round Handle Mug features measurements in 25ml increments, clearly marked on the side.

The material is also semi-transparent, helping keep track of the amount of liquid inside.

This handy stackable cup can be used with Assisted Spout Lids if needed.

The Large Round Handle Mug is safe for use at home, at school or while out and about.

Width: 79mm (3 inch).

Height: 99mm (3 3/4 inch).

Colour: dark blue.

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