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Latex Free Exercise Band

Latex Free Exercise Band

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The Latex Free Exercise Band is a flexible exercise band that gives a fantastic work-out during many types of physical training.

The bands are available in three resistance levels to suit people of all fitness levels and build types.

They offer all the durable and supple qualities of rubber without the allergy risk of latex, ensuring that people with sensitive skin can exercise safely.

The Latex Free Exercise Band is made from a synthetic polymer that can be stretched repeatedly without losing its form.

Each level of resistance is colour coded to provide a clear and attractive way to track progress.

The colours are Lime Green (light), Blueberry (medium) and Plum (heavy).

Two lengths of 5.48m and 45.72m (6 and 50 yards) are available, allowing you to cut the desired length for each exercise.

The Latex Free Exercise Band is a great resource for exercise therapies, fitness programmes and rehabilitation following an injury.

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