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Latex Slip Resistant Netting

Latex Slip Resistant Netting

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The Latex Slip Resistant Netting is a versatile non-slip cover that can be used on dining tables, kitchen work surfaces, stiff jars and more.

It is easy to place discreetly underneath rugs or other household objects, minimising the risk of slipping.

The Latex Slip Resistant Netting has excellent anti-bacterial properties.

It helps reduce a build-up of bacteria to maximise hygiene standards in your kitchen, bathroom or dining room.

The Latex Slip Resistant Netting is supplied in lengths of 1.8 meters which can be cut to your desired size.

It is ideal for providing extra safety in your home, protecting both you and your belongings.

Hand wash with a mild detergent.

Please note that the Latex Slip Resistant Netting is not suitable for use in the bath or shower, as it loses grip when wet.

Width: 500mm (19 1/2 inch).

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