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Leg Up Lifting Strap

Leg Up Lifting Strap

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The Leg Up Lifting Strap is designed to assist a safe and easy position transfer of the leg.

It is ideal for people with reduced mobility in the leg due to a surgery, injury, muscle pain or Arthritis.

The rigid handle has a padded loop which can be grasped in one hand, allowing movement to be carefully controlled.

The lower end features a stirrup which hooks over the foot, large enough in size to accommodate a cast.

The Leg Up Lifting Strap makes a wide range of situations much more easy.

Getting into or out of cars, beds, wheelchairs or armchairs will become safer and more comfortable.

The Leg Up Lifting Strap is an economical and portable accessory that gives reliable assistance in any situation.

Colour: yellow.

Length: 650mm (26 inch).

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