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Long Handled Combs and Brush

Long Handled Combs and Brush

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The Long Handled Combs and Brush are ideal hair-styling tools for people who have difficulty reaching behind the head or raising the arms high.

The included long handle is made from lightweight moulded plastic which is easy to grasp.

A push-on extension piece attaches to the handle which allows the comb or brush to be easily added on or removed.

This extension piece includes a flexible hinge which allows the styling tools to be used at two different angles.

The comb and brush simply fold back into the handle after use, and the extension removed to fit in a purse or handbag.

The Long Handled Combs and Brush are portable and simple styling tools which be used anywhere you go.

Length with extension: 460mm (18 inch).

Length with handle: 320mm (12 1/2 inch).

Length folded: 235mm (9 1/4 inch).

Weight of Fine Comb: 120g.

Weight of Style Comb: 114g.

Weight of Brush: 128g.

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