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Medeci Adjustable Raisers

Medeci Adjustable Raisers

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The Medeci Adjustable Raisers are designed to raise the height of furniture, making it much more accessible for less mobile people.

A great alternative to buying specialised furniture, these Furniture Raisers are simply fitted onto the legs of existing beds or chairs.

They have a discreet and robust design that is even suitable for uneven floors, helping secure the furniture and reduce the risk of tripping.

Four castor replacement bobbins are included, allowing castors on existing furniture to be easily transformed to accommodate the height raisers.

Beds and armchairs with castors can be raised from 100mm (4 inch) to 178mm (7 inch) with the Medeci Adjustable Raisers.

Beds and chairs with wooden legs can be raised from 50mm (2 inch) to 127mm (5 inch).

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