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Memory Coccyx Wedge

Memory Coccyx Wedge

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The Memory Coccyx Wedge helps alleviate pressure on the tail-bone (coccyx) area of the spine, resulting in improved posture.

Simply add the cushion to an armchair, wheelchair or mobility scooter for improved comfort and support.

It is made from dense memory foam which moulds to your shape and promotes even weight distribution.

The cut-out area keeps the coccyx free from pressure, which encourages the spine into a naturally upright position.

A positive posture can lead to significant improvements of back pain or discomfort.

A removable black velvet cover is included, enabling easy cleaning and a spare cover is also available separately.

The Memory Coccyx Wedge is ideal for the home, office or wheelchair.

Available with or without a fixing strap.

Colour: Black.

Width: 36cm x Length: 36cm x Height: 7cm (14 x 14 x 2 3/4 inch).

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