This section covers mobility related products designed to help with a broad range of tasks for those facing mobility issues. Crutches, wheelchairs, walking frames, rollators and a host of other useful items can be found here. The terms mobility and mobility aids cover a huge range of items, some of which you may find in other categories with the Welcome Mobility website. If you have any difficulty finding what you are looking for, please use the search box to the left of the screen. Mobility aids are our speciality, so we sure we will have what you need.

This section covers mobility related products designed to help with a broad range of tasks for those facing mobility issues. Crutches, wheelchairs, walking frames, rollators and a host of other useful items can


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  • This is a range of physical and cognitive rehabilitation equipment. These therapeutic tools are suitable for both personal and professional use. This mobility equipment will allow the user to regain strength, mobility and healing while also tracking the progress made through improved skills. The tools in this section allow the user to perform a posture assessment, strength tests, mobility assessments and more. Promoting an array of exercise devices that will enhance mental and physical dexterity. These rehabilitation tools can be used by professionals to test and monitor the progress of patients and ensure that the treatment plans for them are working effectively. This selection of equipment will have a posture and mobility assessment tool for all your individual needs.
  • This section features a range of high quality crutches for sale. Welcome Mobility offers a large and affordable selection of crutches in the UK. Available in a variety of designs, weights and colours, these aids allow the user to regain mobility and comfort during rehabilitation. Welcome Mobility provides a range of crutch variations including, but not limited to, elbow crutches, axilla crutches, forearm crutches and many more. Ideal for those recovering from a broken limb or with long-term mobility issues, the crutches available will provide comfort while suiting the user’s every need. Suitable for use in both professional and personal settings. You can find more mobility aids here.
  • Welcome Mobility offers a range of rubber and synthetic walking stick ferrules as well as ferrules for crutches. Providing a non-slip gripped platform and enhanced safety when limited mobility and dexterity is an issue. Ferrules are rubber ends for walking sticks that allow the user to move easily without concern for slipping or falling. Reducing fall risk dramatically, these aids are the perfect stability-enhancing addition to mobility aids with legs.

    Available in a range of sizes, colours and designs, this section will provide you with a large selection of ferrules and other stability equipment to suit your specific aesthetic and mobility needs.

  • This section will provide you with a large range of grab rails, handles and safety bars for around the house. These aids give the user a secure grab point when standing, sitting, or regaining balance. Usually seen within the home, Welcome Mobility offers a selection of outdoor grab handles for stability when entering or exiting the house. Ideal for use in the bathroom or stairwell, these safety bars allow the user to feel safe and confident. Suitable for both professional and personal environments, these bars can be used both in a home or business establishment for full accessibility.
  • A vast range of disability aids for cars to make travel easy and stress-free. Allowing both drivers and passengers enhanced comfort and ability when travelling, these car mobility aids are a must-have addition for those with limited mobility or who require additional assistance when driving. Featuring devices such as swivel cushions, disability car stickers, transfer boards and much more, Welcome Mobility has an extensive collection of equipment to suit your every aesthetic and disability need. Suitable for personal use or within a professional vehicle, these mobility aids ensure full accessibility and comfort for travel.
  • Welcome Mobility offers some of the cheapest mobility scooters in the UK. This section is guaranteed to have the motorised mobility aid you require. Providing the user with independence and freedom, these mobility scooters come in a range of designs, colours, and weights to suit your specific aesthetic and disability need. This selection of aids features both 3 wheeled mobility scooters and 4 wheeled mobility scooters. Welcome Mobility only provides the highest quality road and pavement safe scooters to ensure the users are secure and comfortable when travelling. Available in several user weight allowances to suit a multitude of people. Check out these other mobility aids.
  • This section provides a range of transfer and lifting aids for heavier users. This department features specialised bariatric aids to assist both carers and patients in moving comfortably. Welcome Mobility offers an array of disability lifting aids, lifting aids for elderly people and easy glide sheet covers to ensure the users are comfortable and secure while being cared for. The items in this section are often specially reinforced or have larger dimensions than the standard aid available to allow accessibility for all users. Suitable within the home or a professional establishment, these aids promote safety for the carers and patients involved. You can find more mobility aids here.
  • Welcome Mobility provides a large selection of reachers to aid those with limited mobility or flexibility in grasping out of reach objects. Reaching aids can be used to pick up items, dress, eat and do a whole host of other tasks that otherwise would be difficult. The disability grabbers in this section come in a range of colours, designs and lengths to suit your individual aesthetic and requirement. Regardless of your need, the pick up stick range offered by Welcome Mobility are the highest quality reaching aids available and provide enhanced independence and comfort when completing daily tasks.
  • Welcome Mobility offers a distinctive range of risers for chairs and car seat risers for adults in the UK. Allowing those with limited mobility to sit and stand comfortably, these are cushions to raise seat height and provide an easier surface to raise from and lower to. Welcome mobility also offers several powered raisers to lift and lower the user without the strain of actively moving. All of the designs, colours and sizes in this section are suitable for use both in a personal or professional setting, allowing environments to be fully accessible to the elderly or disabled. Check out these other mobility aids.
  • This department offers a variety of rollator walker aids and other wheeled walking aids. Assisting in mobility, this euqipment provides independence to the user. They are available in a number of sizes, weights and colours to fit your specific aesthetic and requirement. Welcome Mobility provides several variations of walking aid including, but not limited to, lightweight rollator walker with seat, 4 wheeled walker with seat, two-wheeled walkers, rollators with bags and many more. This range of mobility aids allows the elderly and those with limited mobility newfound confidence, and independence to carry out daily tasks unassisted.
  • Welcome Mobility provides custom-fitted stairlifts for the home. Enhancing customer safety and comfort, these stairlifts provide a way to move up and down stairs without strain on the user. Stairlift's prices start at £2000 and increase depending on the complexity of the user’s needs or home. The reconditioned mobile stairlift option is also available through Welcome Mobility with prices starting at £1500. These stair aids are an ideal addition to the homes of elderly people and those with limited mobility. The fitted aids are specially designed to be slim-line, quiet and safe. Please email and a stairlift expert will be in touch. Check out these other mobility aids here.
  • Welcome Mobility provides an extensive selection of tripod walking stick aids. tetrapod walking stick aids and quad canes. A majority of these walking aids are manufactured from corrosion-resistant, lightweight aluminium to provide a durable and long-lasting aid. Available in a large range of colours, weights and sizes, you are guaranteed to find a walking aid that suits your specific aesthetic and mobility requirements. This section also offers several folding down walking sticks that are ideal for travel and storage. Providing the elderly and those with limited mobility an added element of independence and confidence, these mobility aids are the ideal addition to the home.
  • This section offers a range of walking aids for the elderly or those with disabilities. A walking frame is a key piece of equipment for allowing those with limited mobility to regain independence when moving. Welcome Mobility is guaranteed to have the aid you need whether it be a zimmer frame with wheels or a selection of folding walking frames. This section also offers a collection of accessories for your walking aids such as bags that can attach to the frame with minimum effort to carry your personal belongings. Suitable for use in the home and outdoors with our vast choice of options.
  • This department offers a vast range of walking canes, folding walking sticks and other accessories such as a walking stick holder or carry bag. Walking sticks are an essential piece of equipment that gives the elderly and those with limited mobility back their independence and confidence when walking. This section is guaranteed to have the mobility aid you require from basic canes and sticks to more extensive specialised sticks. Available in a vast selection of colours, lengths and weights, Welcome Mobility is sure to have a mobility aid to suit your individual aesthetic and requirements.
  • Welcome Mobility offers a range of wheelchair covers and mobility scooter cape covers. Protecting your mobility aid from the elements and damage, the selection of wheelchair rain covers is guaranteed to meet your every need. Available in a large number of sizes, colours and designs, these covers are able to meet your requirement and aesthetic easily. Welcome Mobility only offers the highest quality, durable protective covers to ensure your aid is being kept safe and secure when both in use and stored away. These covers are perfect for a range of different wheelchairs and mobility scooters.
  • This department has one of the largest selections of back support cushions and wheelchair cushions in the UK. These cushions are suitable for all wheelchairs and mobility scooters, providing pressure relief and comfort. Whether you need a gel cushion for wheelchair users, a memory foam cushion, a combination or another option, this section will deliver the highest quality options available. Ensuring the wheelchair or mobility scooter is comfortable for extended periods of time, these aids are essential for many people. Available in an extensive number of sizes, materials, colours and profiles, Welcome Mobility is sure to have the cushion for you.
  • In this section, you will find a range of wheelchair accessories such as mobility scooter covers, a wheelchair safety belt, items, gloves, umbrellas and so much more. Ensuring your mobility aid is customised perfectly to suit your requirements, Welcome Mobility has a vast selection of items to choose from. Your mobility aid will be protected from the elements while remaining fully accessible and functional to the specific user with these helpful additions. Available in various colours, sizes and functions, these accessories will be guaranteed to suit your every need and aesthetic. This section also features a range of foldaway tables that can be used with your mobility aid.
  • This section offers a range of bags for scooters and wheelchairs as well as a number of similar mobility scooter accessories. Using a wheelchair bag can be extremely useful when carrying personal belongings on journeys or when out shopping using your mobility aid. Welcome Mobility provides a large collection of different shapes, attachments, colours and sizes to suit your every requirement and aesthetic. These bags are often made from high-quality waterproof materials with high visibility lining or panels to ensure both the user and their belongings are kept safe in all environments.
  • Wheelchair ramps are a very important piece of equipment. Ensuring there are mobility ramps in both the home and commercial settings allows optimum accessibility for those with limited mobility. Often an establishment won't have disabled access available and so a portable wheelchair ramp can be extremely useful. Welcome Mobility provides an extensive range of ramps in different sizes, lengths and materials to suit the individual user’s needs and personal preferences. A number of ramp variations are available via Welcome Mobility, such as built-in heavy-duty ramps along with portable, roll-up ramps. Regardless of your specific need, this collection will have something for you.
  • Here you will be directed to a number of mobility wheelchairs, power chairs, self-propelled wheelchairs, transit wheelchairs and standard wheelchairs. Offering a number of different designs, there is an option for all your mobility requirements. Whether you need a lightweight wheelchair in the UK or a wheelchair that can withstand a large weight, Welcome Mobility can provide the highest quality options available. This section has a variety of chairs with different sizes, weights and colours to perfectly suit your individual need and personal preference. Suitable for use both indoors and outside, these chairs can be used for personal use or within an establishment offering full accessibility.
  • Welcome Mobility provides a range of the best shopping trolley options in the UK. This section offers a variety of trolleys with wheels to ensure your shopping trip is accessible and stress-free. Delivering a number of shopping trolleys with seats and additional storage, Welcome Mobility is sure to provide a trolley with everything you require, making shopping fully accessible to the elderly and those with disabilities. Featuring a range of individual styles, sizes, weights and colours, these trolleys will suitably fit your specific requirements and personal preferences. Great for use in stores and when travelling, a majority of these wheeled bags fold down for easy storage. You can find more mobility aids here.
Frequently Asked Questions
What are we talking about when we discuss someone’s ‘mobility’?

‘Mobility’ is a general term applied to a person’s ability to move without being physically inhibited.

This may refer to their capacity to walk or run freely, or to rotate, manipulate or control all or parts of their bodies in an unrestricted way.

Essentially, your ‘mobility’ is the range of motion of which your body is capable.

What are mobility aids?

The term covers a wide spectrum of products designed to help someone’s ‘mobility’.

As we grow older, it is inevitable that some loss of mobility occurs in most people.

If this happens to the extent that everyday routines become challenging, special tools and equipment may help.

These are referred to as ‘mobility aids’.

They may include anything from walking frames, wheelchairs, wheelchair ramps, walking sticks, crutches to any number of eating and drinking aids.

Items like grab rails, reachers, riser cushions and rollators also fit under the broad umbrella of ‘mobility aids’.

Who might use mobility aids?

Aids to improve mobility may help those experiencing the standard aches and pains associated with old age, or those recovering from illnesses like stroke.

Whatever the cause, they may prove valuable day-to-day tools for people wanting to maintain independence.

As the population ages and people live longer, mobility aids for elderly sectors of the population are ever-more popular.

Are wheeled wheeled walkers easy to use?

Wheeled walkers, also known as rollators, are basic aids to mobility which help people who are unable to walk without support.

They provide a wheeled support frame with handles which the user can lean on as they walk.

Most people find them easy to control, but it’s important to understand that the individual does need some level of mobility in order to use them.

Many rollators have bicycle-style brakes, and some have built-in seats, if you need to stop and rest.

Are crutches available which adjust to my height?

Crutches and walking sticks are classic mobility aids which many people will need at some point in their lives.

Modern walking aids like these tend to be made of lightweight aluminium.

They usually have shafts which interlock and can be adjusted in relation to each other with pin-clips.

This means they are readily adaptable and can be set to the size required and you should be able to find a suitable fit.

Can mobility aids help maintain independence at home?

Most people want to remain as independent as possible, regardless of their age.

Mobility aids for elderly people in many cases make an enormous difference in keeping people in their own homes for as long as possible.

Cleverly fitted grab rails and walking frames are among the many, many tools which together can change the landscape for those with compromised mobility.

In the kitchen, eating and food preparation aids are available on an ever-increasing scale.

The same is true of mobility aids for the bathroom, designed to help with routine washing and hygiene tasks.

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