Rollators & Accessories

In this section you will find rollators and other wheeled walking aids. These can help aid mobility and often come with the facility to hold bags. They can have two, three or even four wheels. A rollator can often help the elderly maintain a sense of independence.

A sturdy and versatile three-wheeled walking frame.
A three-wheeled walking support that can be used both indoors and outside.
This wheeled walking frame is ideal for people that require extra support.
A sleek and lightweight aluminium rollator with a tray and carry bag, ideal for indoor use.
A durable rollator with a padded seat and backrest, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
A sturdy and well designed walking aid for indoor and outdoor use with a range of useful features.
A strong and lightweight rollator with a seat, backrest and basket - ideal for days out and shopping trips.
Extra wide and sturdy for additional comfort and stability.
A lightweight wheeled walking frame that is suitable for outdoor use.
A three wheeled walking frame that can be used indoors and outside.
A four-wheeled outdoor walking aid with a seat and storage basket.
A high quality walking aid with three large wheels and a chrome finish.
A simple storage bag that can be secured to a walking frame.
A useful tool that can be used to securely attach a walking stick or crutch to a rollator or walking frame.
A tough, durable and waterproof bag that can be attached to a three-wheeled walking frame.
A lightweight and versatile trolley/ rollator with a carry bag, tray and an adjustable handle.
The ultimate lightweight walking frame, with a strong shopping basket, a padded seat and four sturdy wheels.
A sturdy and large wheeled walking frame designed for heavier users.
A sturdy and lightweight three-wheeled walking frame.
This Rollator is lightweight and features dual brakes, a padded seat and a storage bag.
This aluminium Tri-Wheel walker is compact and lightweight for storage and transportation.
A beautifully designed outdoor rollator with a comfortable seat, robust sprung wheels and numerous accessories.
A lightweight aluminium walker with three wheels and a storage bag.
A pair of lightweight aluminium three-wheeled walkers.
A fabric bag that can be attached to a rollator to increase storage space.
A four-wheeled walking aid that has comfortable forearm rests.
A versatile rollator that can be quickly converted into a transit chair.
A practical walking aid that is lightweight and can be folded to a small size for easy transportation.
A lightweight four-wheeled rollator with a padded seat and backrest, a large storage bag and adjustable, easy-grip handles.
A highly supportive walker with a range of versions available.