Walking Sticks, Canes & Accessories

In this section you will find an extensive range of walking sticks. These include basic canes and sticks, along with wide-base sticks providing greater stability. Walking sticks are an important aid for people with mobility or flexibility limitations.
These adjustable folding walking sticks are quick and simple to use.
A handmade chestnut walking stick with a curved handle that makes it easy to grasp.
A sturdy metal walking cane with an Escort handle design.
A range of height-adjustable walking sticks that can be folded up for easier storage.
A walking stick with an adjustable length and comfortable handle.
A walking stick with a lightweight aluminium stem and a specially designed handle.
A simple tool that will hold a walking stick upright and ready to use.
A simple strap that can secure a walking cane or stick to the wrist.
A useful hand loop that can be attached to the majority of walking sticks and canes.
A useful tool that can be clipped to a walking cane and used to store it upright.
A useful gripping aid that can be used to make walking frames safer on soft or icy ground.
A useful clip and holder that can be used to secure a walking stick or crutch to a wheelchair or walking frame.
A simple and useful tool that attaches a walking stick to the frame of a wheelchair or walker.
A nylon loop handle that can be attached to a walking stick or cane to stop it from being dropped.
A specially designed walking stick that has a comfortable and supportive handle.
A vinyl storage pouch that can accommodate a range of folding walking sticks.
A lightweight and height-adjustable walking stick with an ergonomic handle.
An aluminum walking stick with a T-shaped hardwood handle.
A walking aid with a contoured handle that is easier and more comfortable to hold.
A walking cane with a specially designed handle.
An attractive, adjustable cane with a mahogany finish and a T shaped handle.
A walking cane that has a specially designed and easy to grip handle.
A lightweight aluminium walking stick that can be unfolded into a perching stool.
A handy walking stick holder that can be mounted to the rear of a mobility scooter.
A versatile three-legged seat which can be extended for use as a walking stick, allowing regular breaks from activity.
A simple tool that can be used to hold a walking stick upright.
A high quality walking stick with a crook handle and non-slip ferrule.
A specially designed walking cane that is lightweight and easy to hold.
A specially designed rubber ferrule that has a flexible base to make it safer and more stable.
A pair of durable rubber ferrules that can be attached to a range of walking aids.