Wheelchair & Scooter Clothing

Capes, coats and man other items of protective garments for people in wheelchairs or scooters. Welcome Mobility has a range of useful items, in various colours, sizes and styles.
A pair of plastic half-sleeves that protect the clothing of a self-propelled wheelchair user.
A fantastic accompaniment to the Koze Toze, this unique hand warmer helps keep hands snug, cosy and protected from rain.
A waterproof lower body apron that provides weather protection.
A waterproof cape specially designed for wheelchair users, providing warmth and protection to the upper body.
A comfortable and cosy cover-up for the legs and feet, specially designed for wheelchair users.
A fully waterproof poncho for children using wheelchairs, available in three sizes.
A waterproof cover designed to protect wheelchair users from rain.
It has a concealed hood and has been designed to provide upper body protection whilst using the Kozee Toze.
A water and wind-proof poncho designed for wheelchair users.
A comprehensive weather protection mac designed for wheelchair users.
A water and wind-proof cover designed for wheelchair users.
A completely waterproof, full body cape for wheelchair use, with a convenient storage pouch and concealed hood.
A weather cover that can be used to keep the legs of child wheelchair users warm and dry.
A waterproof and warm weather protection cosy for wheelchair users.
A waterproof weather cover that can be worn on a mobility scooter.
A water and wind-proof cape that protects the legs of a mobility scooter rider.
A lightweight and waterproof nylon cover that protects a mobility scooter and its rider from bad weather.
An practical, full-body cover with sleeves, designed to provide comfort and waterproof protection for wheelchair users.
A practical waterproof cover designed for wheelchair users, helping you and your chair stay dry in all weathers.
A luxurious all-body poncho that provides warmth, comfort and rain protection.
A waterproof full-body cape with elasticated sleeves and back panel, helping you and your mobility scooter stay dry in all weathers.
A fur-lined and waterproof weather cover for wheelchair users.
A one size fits all scooter cape for protection from adverse weather conditions.
A completely waterproof full-body protection cape, specially designed for mobility scooter users.
This waterproof and fur-lined cosy can be worn when riding a mobility scooter.
This waterproof cover protects a mobility scooter and the rider from bad weather.
A water and wind-proof cosy designed for mobility scooter users.
A waterproof cape that keeps the user of a powered wheelchair warm and dry.
A water and weatherproof poncho that provides a mobility scooter user with comprehensive protection.
A shawl that can be worn by wheelchair users to keep them warm and protected from wind.