Lumbar and Back Supports

This section features back supports. A back support is usually designed to relieve common problems like lower back pain, Sciatica and Osteoarthritis. Lumbar supports, sacral supports and devices designed for maternity-wear are in this department.
A range of soft and supportive lower back pads with adjustable fixing straps.
This range of self help books can be used to treat a range of body complaints.
This backwarmer helps to alleviate pain in the lumbar spine.
An abdominal support that is useful after an a hernia.
A hernia support that can reduce pain and discomfort.
A Neoprene waist support which provides effective compression, support and the prevention of uncomfortable twisting positions.
A universal groin support with heat therapeutic Neoprene, ideal for relieving sporting injuries or strain.
A supportive maternity belt that can be worn during and after pregnancy.
A discreet belt that can be worn around the hips to support and stabilise the pelvis and spine.
A back support that stabilises the spine and hips and reduces pain.
A supportive belt that can help stabilise the spine and hips.
A supportive maternity belt that can be worn throughout a pregnancy.
A memory foam cushion designed to support the lumbar spine area.
A supportive brace that can be worn throughout a pregnancy.
A useful back support that can stop injuries and prevent pain in the lumbar area.
A high quality back brace with a unique fastening system.