Wrist Supports

This section contains a range of wrist supports support to the wrist or hand. Here you will also see products made to help specific conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Our wrist supports are made from breathable materials for additional comfort. Thumb spicas are also included here.
A foam sling that can be used to support the arm after an injury.
A simple one-piece arm sling made from soft foam.
A lightweight aluminium finger splint that can aid in recovery.
A simple neoprene wrist brace that can help reduce injuries.
A neoprene wrist brace that can support and stabilise the joint.
A sling that can be used to immobilise the are after injury or surgery.
A specially designed athletic tape that is infused with negative ions.
The Neo-G Patella Band combines protection of the knee and reduction of further patella irritation.
A wrist and hand support that has a built-in metal stay for extra bracing.
An adjustable and supportive thumb brace that combines comfort, heat therapy and compression.
This supportive wrist brace features two integral splints.
A wrist support made from breathable fabric.
A pair of specially designed gloves that can reduce the pain associated with arthritis.
A pair of specially designed gloves that attenuate the symptoms of arthritis.