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Paediatric Mini-Standy Frame

Paediatric Mini-Standy Frame

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The Paediatric Mini-Standy Frame is a vertical standing frame designed to help children achieve a correct and safe posture.

The frame of the unit is securely attached to a support surface which allows the child free and easy interaction with their surroundings.

A range of accessories are available alongside this product.

The Paediatric Mini-Standy Frame features a smoothly contoured frame to allow trunk rotation and sideways arm movement.

It is designed with a slightly flexible wooden base to help stimulate the hyptonus, and braked rear castors.

The Heel rests, knee pads and removable activity table are all fully adjustable.

Girth support: 600mm (23 1/2 inch).

Support width 240mm (9 1/2 inch).

Knee pad to foot board 170-360mm (6 1/2 - 14 inch).

Foot board width 600mm (23 1/2 inch).

Table to Foot board 560-780mm (22- 30 1/2 inch).

Chest support to Footboard 700-900mm (27 1/2 inch - 35 1/2 inch).

Pelvic support to Foot board 550-680mm (21 1/2 inch - 27 inch).

Total width 700mm (27 1/2 inch).

Total length 820mm (32 1/2 inch).

Weight: 21kg (3 1/2 stone).

Maximum user weight: 45kg (7 stone).

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