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Pick-Up Reaching Tool

Pick-Up Reaching Tool

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The Pick-Up Reaching Tool is a lightweight and simple to use tool that enables many items to be picked up easily.

It can be used in the home, garden or even out shopping to help prevent uncomfortable bending or stretching.

The jaws of the Pick-Up Reaching Tool can grip many items with force, and includes a magnet which picks up pins, paper clips or other metallic items with ease.

The trigger is easy to operate, requiring only minimal pressure on the comfortable handle with all the fingers.

The short trigger distance is ideal people with joint stiffness or Arthritis.

The Pick-Up Reaching Tool also includes a removable stick clip, which allows easy attachment to wheelchairs and walking frames.

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I was happy with the ease of ordering and the prompt delivery. I was delighted to find the pick-up reacher as this is the only one that can pick up heavy and/or glossy magazines. Jocelyn Rose.

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