Welcome Mobility supplies a range of outstanding reading aids.

Items like page turners and book holders can be useful for people with a variety of conditions like arthritis.

Book holders are popular reading aids and help those who might have difficulty supporting the weight of a book in front of them.

One of the models available from our website allows the user to read even relatively heavy books in the comfort of their own bed.

Reading aids are also available from Welcome Mobility in the form of page magnifiers.

These allow some users the chance to read whole pages without the need of glasses.

We also offer conventional magnifying glasses which hang on a neck chord.

Welcome Mobility is also pleased to offer a range of maginfiers which come with extra bright lighting as standard.

These can be used for close inspection reading, as well as a host of arts and crafts tasks.

You can see the our ranges of reading aids in the Work and Leisure section of this website.

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