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Rhythm World Percussion Pack

Rhythm World Percussion Pack

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Our Rhythm World Percussion Pack is ideal for group therapy sessions.

It contains a range of instruments from different countries around the world.

The Rhythm World Percussion Pack also includes two world maps with information on the origin of each instrument.

All of the items are handmade and high quality.

Included in the pack are:

• Clay Ocarina.

• Coconut Maraca.

• Frog.

• Gourd Maracas.

• Seed Shaker.

• Large Seed Shaker.

• Tibetan Bells.

• Bamboo Slit Drum.

• Bamboo Guiro.

• Kyamba.

• Guinea Pig Guiro/Shaker.

• Rainstick, Football Rattle.

• Monkey Drum.

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