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SafePresence SafeNBed Alert System

SafePresence SafeNBed Alert System

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The SafePresence SafeNBed Alert System is a patient safety tool.

It will alert a carer when a patient falls out of a bed or chair.

The alarm unit can be carried by a carer and can be remotely connected to a bed, chair or floor sensor mat.

It will emit an alarm if irregular movement is detected, alerting the carer to a possible emergency.

The SafePresence SafeNBed Alert System is powered by three AAA batteries and the base unit has a mains lead.

It can also be used to inform a carer if a patient does not return to bed after a pre-designated time period.

Alert unit

Height: 115mm (4 1/2 inch).

Width: 58mm (2 1/4 inch).

Depth: 23mm (1 inch).

Bed mat

Length: 840mm (33 1/2 inch).

Width: 500mm (20 inch).

Chair mat

Length: 380mm (15 1/4 inch).

Width: 300mm (12 inch).

Floor mat

Length: 889mm (35 inch).

Width: 609mm (24 inch).

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