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Secure Turn Rotating Transfer Aid

Secure Turn Rotating Transfer Aid

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This Secure Turn Rotating Transfer Aid is a useful patient transfer aid.

It can be used to safely move patients between wheelchairs, day chairs and beds.

The turner consists of a large and stable steel frame attached to a rotating footplate.

A patient can stand on the footplate, hold onto the rails and be gently turned under control by a carer.

The Secure Turn Rotating Transfer Aid is ideal for use in confined spaces and it has two castors to make it portable.

Width between arms: 430mm (17 inch).

Handle height: 760mm (30 inch).

Top bar height: 990mm (39 inch).

Width: 660mm (26 inch).

Depth: 685mm (27 inch).

Footplate diameter: 450mm (18 inch).

Castor size: 100mm (4 1/2 inch).

Weight: 17Kg (2 3/4 stone).

Max safe user weight: 90kg (30 stone).

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