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A shower chair can help many people suffering from a range of conditions maintain independence in the bathroom.

Being able to sit comfortably while taking a shower can take the strain out of the equation.

The shower chairs we feature at Welcome Mobility are all tested to British standards and offer exception value for money.

They are made with a variety of non-corrosive materials which will stand up to years of use without obvious wear and tear.

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Buying a shower chair from Welcome Mobility could not be easier. Simply use your credit card via our secure online checkout proceedure, or send a cheque with details of your order.

Please check the footprint dimensions of the shower chair you choose.

There are a wide variety available and they all have slightly different length and width measurements.

Shower Chairs available at Welcome Mobility often feature backrests and arms.

Our most popular shower chair is designed with fold-down legs, so it can be stored flat to the shower wall when not in use.

The prices for the shower chairs available at Welcome Mobility range from around £20, up to the £80 mark.

If you have any questions, please email us through Customer Service, and we'll be please to help.

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