Tactile Massage and Sensory Bag

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The Tactile Massage and Sensory Bag can be used in tactile therapy.

It is a range of wheels, brushes, massage and vibration tools that provide a range of sensory stimulation.

The tools are suitable for both children and adults.

A handy bag is included to store the items.

Bag width: 450mm (18 inch).

Bag length: 350mm (14 inch).

Included in the Tactile Massage and Sensory Bag:

� Body Brush Set.

� 3x Animal Massagers.

� 4x Smoothies.

� 4 Finger Massager.

� Massage Hair Brush.

� 4x Body Brushes.

� Bug Massager.

� Massage Car.

� Tortoise Massager.

� Handled Massage Brush.

� 8x Roller Body Massager.

� Rubber Wheel Massager.

� Soft Brush.

� 2x Body Massager.

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