Commode Chairs

Fixed and height adjustable commode chairs in a variety of styles. Wickerwork and wooden commode chairs are available here, as well as simpler, practical models.

A luxurious, adjustable commode with a comfortable and discreet design, complete with a padded seat and backrests.
An attractive basket weave chair that has a concealed commode pan under the seat.
A commode chair with a steel frame and a removable potty pan with a lid.
A sturdy metal chair that has a removable seat to enable use as a commode.
A height adjustable commode chair with a sturdy metal frame and removable potty.
A simple commode chair with an under seat commode pan and detachable armrests.
A metal framed commode chair with a removable vinyl seat and a potty pan.
A simple and well designed commode chair with a steel frame and a removable padded seat.
A commode chair that is designed to resemble a regular chair.
A discreetly styled commode chair that will fit into its surroundings.
A metal framed commode chair with a padded backrest.
A durable shower chair, commode and toileting chair in one high quality item.
A reinforced and extra-wide commode chair.
A well designed and discreet commode chair with a hidden commode pan.
Robust shower/commode chair supplied with a comfortable polyurethane cellular gap fronted sea.
This commode chair has a hardwood frame that makes it discreet and unobtrusive.
Designed to make user transfer easy. Slow, controlled uplift movement relieves the stress and strain on joints.
An extra large and robust commode designed for large and heavy users.
A discreet commode chair with a flushing action and storage tank.
A combination shower chair, commode and transfer chair that has a useful tilting seat.
An extra large and robust shower and commode chair for larger users.
A versatile plastic chair that can function as a seat, commode and shower chair.
A comfortable and dual use commode and shower chair with a lightweight aluminium frame.
A versatile commode chair that can also be used as an over-toilet frame.
A sturdy commode frame with a tilting seat to assist in rising.
A simple yet effective folding commode chair with a padded seat and backrest.
An innovative potty and commode liner that can be used to solidify waste and make it easier to dispose of.
A combination commode and shower chair that is designed for bariatric patients.