Toilet Seat or Commode Cushions

Cushions designed for toilet seats or commodes. These cushions increase comfort for those who spend long periods of time on the loo or commode.
A cost-effective toilet seat with generous padding, helping users to sit more comfortably.
A soft, padded cushion seat that can be instantly attached to your existing toilet for added height and comfort.
A soft and comfortable cushion that can be fixed to a commode seat.
A toilet seat with foam padding and a vinyl cover.
A soft cushion that is designed to be placed on an existing commode to make it more comfortable.
A cost-effective way to improve the comfort and support of your commode seat, providing a generous 4 inches of foam padding.
A contoured plastic toilet seat that has an increased diameter to make it suitable for larger users.
A soft and comfortable cushion that can be used to make toilet and commode seats more comfortable.
A soft, pressure-relieving cushion that can be used to make a commode seat more comfortable.
A moulded plastic toilet seat that can be used to raise the height of the seat.
A waterproof cushion that can be strapped to an existing seat to make it more comfortable and to relieve pressure.
A gel-filled cushion that can be used on a commode seat to reduce pressure injuries.