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Disability aids made to enhance work or leisure activities. Included in this section are writing aids, artwork aids and gardening equipment. You will also find devices designed to help with gentle exercise at home. Book holders can be found in this section, along with magnifiers designed to help specifically with reading.

Disability aids made to enhance work or leisure activities. Included in this section are writing aids, artwork aids and gardening equipment. You will also find devices designed to help with gentle exercise at


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  • Here you will find a selection of gaming activity aids, sensory bag tools and shape set toys. These are ideal for young children, those with developmental disabilities or just for fun. A number of quizzes, puzzles and other structure-based activities are available here. These devices and tools can be used for enjoyment or as part of a therapeutic session. Available in a vast variety of different functions, sizes and features, this section is sure to have an aid that will suit your personal, medical or therapy requirements. Suitable for use in the home, schools, hospitals and care homes.
  • This department will direct you to a range of alarm clock for hard of hearing people and vibrating alarm watch options in the UK. Providing an alarm clock for deaf people allows them to have specialised functions to aid them in waking up effectively such as flashing lights or vibrations. These clocks have a number of designs and features to allow for full accessibility regardless of your hearing ability. Suitable for use in the home or in a professional environment such as a school, hospital or care home, this section is sure to have a device that perfectly caters to your individual personal and medical requirements. Checkout these other work and leisure aids here.
  • Welcome Mobility provides a selection of bed book holders, book holder stand devices and book holder for reading when holding the book isn’t available. These holders are ideal for the elderly, those with limited strength and dexterity in their hands or those with amputations. Available in desk-top designs or freestanding, these book holders allow the user freedom to read when they wish without worrying about holding the book in uncomfortable positions or for long periods of time. These holders come in a range of materials and sizes to perfectly suit your personal preferences. See these other work and leisure aids.
  • In this section you will be directed to a number of large playing cards, playing card holder devices and specially designed for the elderly games. These games can help improve memory functions and hand-eye coordination as well as provide enjoyment and entertainment. Suitable for use within the home, care homes and hospitals, these games come in a range of different designs, functions and sizes to ensure there is something for everyone. Many of these games come with large print or with tactile additions to provide an easier and more accessible option for the user. You can find more work and leisure aids here.
  • Here you will be shown a range of gardening aids and long handled garden tools for disabled and elderly people. These aids allow the user to enjoy their gardening hobby again despite limited mobility, strength and dexterity due to age or disabilities. Featuring a vast selection of different tools, shapes and designs, this section is guaranteed to have something to suit the user's individual personal and medical requirements and adaptations. These devices take the strain out of gardening and return it to an enjoyable activity again. This section not only has a selection of adapted tools but also soft kneelers for reducing pain and pressure on the knees.
  • This department will provide you with a selection of home exercise equipment for disabled people in the UK. This range of tools and devices allows those with physical disabilities or injuries to exercise at home without excessive strain. This at-home exercise can help to improve mood, increase strength and promote mental and physical wellness improvements over time. These work and leisure aids can also be used to monitor and test strength and dexterity changes for therapeutic purposes. Suitable for use in the home or within a care facility such as a specialised hospital or care home, this section has a vast choice of different sizes, functions and designs.
  • Here you will find a range of reading magnifying glass devices as well as a magnifying sheet for reading and magnifying glass with light for reading options. These devices are ideal for those with limited eyesight or who require more clarity when reading or looking at small text. Available in a wide variety of sizes and magnification specs, these aids can greatly improve the independence of a person by allowing them to see items unaided. Suitable for use both in the home and when travelling, many of these work and leisure aids are compact for easy storage when using them on the go.
  • Welcome Mobility provides a range of artistic aids such as a wheelchair table, pencil with gripper aid and writing artwork devices. These aids often assist in holding pens, pencils and brushes to help those with limited mobility, strength and dexterity to make art independently. These devices are excellent for promoting independent learning and boosting morale for those who create art as a therapeutic output. Available in a vast array of different sizes, designs and colours, this work and leisure aids section is sure to have the thing you require to meet your personal, medical and creative needs. Suitable for use both in the home and while travelling.
Frequently Asked Questions
What are mobility aids for work and leisure?

Equipment to help undertake work or hobby interests may make all the difference for those with compromised mobility.

Maintaining the ability to work, undertake rehab exercise or enjoy leisure activities is often an important part of people’s lives.

Who might use this type of equipment?

If you have a physical condition impacting things like balance, coordination or grip strength, there may be aids to help.

Some of the symptoms found in many elderly people or those with certain disabilities fall into this category.

You may also use them if you’re in recovery after a stroke or another illness leading to similar symptoms.

I have trouble holding books open - is there anything to help?

Book holders are available which sit in front of you on a table top, allowing you to read without having to hold the book.

They allow the book to be clipped open in position and easily unclipped as you turn the pages.

Book holders are often used in combination with an overbed table, but there are freestanding versions also available.

Are devices available to help hold pens and pencils?

There are a host of writing aids and drawing aids.

For people with arthritis in the hands or fingers, holding narrow objects like pens and pencils may cause pain.

Many find it more comfortable to hold and control slightly wider objects.

Built-up pen and pencil grips are the answer for some people.

This can be done with tape or by using special attachments which fit to the pen or pencil, widening the gripping area.

Small rubber or plastic grips fit to the pen or pencil’s shaft, providing a wider area for the fingers to wrap around.

Some pencil holders also have contoured pressure points, further increasing their comfort.

People with hand tremors sometimes find thicker handled objects slightly easier to control.

Can gentle exercise equipment improve mobility?

Many rehab programmes involve gentle exercise without leaving the comfort of your home.

Some of the more popular products include pedal exercisers - these are easy-to-use machines which are used in the sitting position and deliver a light leg workout.

Hand exercise balls are another popular choice if you are trying to build up or rehabilitate your hands and fingers.

The user squeezes and releases the balls, gradually developing their strength.

They are available in different colours, relating to different levels of firmness.

Resistance foam blocks and therapeutic putty work in a similar way.

Are there mobility aids to help with gardening?

Gardening is a popular hobby in the UK and it is an important part of many people’s lives, especially the elderly.

If you’re faced with reduced mobility, bending down to flower beds and doing other gardening tasks may become uncomfortable.

Luckily there are a wide range of garden mobility aids.

Among the more popular are the Easi-Grip tools, featuring items like trowels and forks with angled, built-up handles.

These L-shaped gardening tools make them easier to grip and control for people with weakened hands or fingers.

There are also gardening trowels and forks which have similar L-shaped grips with the added feature of extra long shafts.

This feature reduces the need to bend down to ground level.

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