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Wheelchair &
Mobility Scooter Ramps

Why not take a look at our mobility scooter and wheelchair ramps? Welcome Mobility supplies a wide range of lightweight ramps, folding ramps and telescopic ramps, all available with fast delivery times.

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Fibreglass Folding Channel
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Here you will find our wheelchairs of different types and capabilities. These range from very simple chairs to more robust designs with great weight tolerance. Some wheelchairs are highly portable and lightweight, excellent for transportation in cars.

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Rollators are increasingly popular mobility aids for many people who want to stay independent. Welcome Mobility has an extensive range of indoor and outdoor models

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Best Selling Ramps

Manufactured to high standards, Welcome Mobility supplies a wide range of ramps to the general public and businesses across the UK.

  1. Mobility Care Roll-Up Portable Ramp

    Mobility Care Roll-Up Portable Ramp

    The Mobility Care Roll-Up Portable Ramp is incredibly easy to transport and set up, ensuring every step or kerb can be navigated smoothly.   It can be used as either a fixed or a portable ramp, and is suitable for wheelchairs, rollators and small mobility scooters.  The ramp features a ridged surface to maximise grip, and detachable high edges on each side for extra safety. The higher end of the ramp has a shaped lip on it which makes transition as smooth as possible. The Mobility Care Roll-Up Portable Ramp is made from lightweight aluminium, which provides excellent durability while remaining portable. When not in use, the ramp rolls up neatly to be stored in the included carry bag. It is the ideal ramp for active, independent users of wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Product weight: 12kg (2 stone).  Length: 930mm (36.5 inch).  Width: 762mm (30 inch).  Maximum user weight (including equipment): 180kg (28.5 stone).
  2. Modular Threshold Ramp Kit

    Modular Threshold Ramp Kit

    The Modular Threshold Ramp Kit provides assistance for wheelchair or mobility scooter users when encountering steps or door thresholds. This versatile kit can be used to negotiate thresholds measuring up to 144mm (5 1/2 inches) in height. These ramps are lightweight yet strong and corrosion resistant. The ramps have four different lengths, all of which can be linked together as required for indoor or outdoor use. Only very simple assembly is required, creating a temporary or permanent ramp solution. Each kit comes partly pre-assembled, and comes with all the necessary components. Four sizes are available. Width: 750mm (29 1/2 inch). Modular Threshold Ramp Kit 250mm (10 inch): Maximum Step/Threshold Height: 36mm (1 inch), Product Weight: 1.5kg (3.3 pounds). Modular Threshold Ramp Kit 500mm (20 inch): Maximum Step/Threshold Height: 72mm (3 inch), Product Weight: 6.0kg (13 pounds). Modular Threshold Ramp Kit 750mm (29 1/2 inch): Maximum Step/Threshold Height: 108mm (4 1/4 inch), Product Weight 9.5kg (21 pounds). Modular Threshold Ramp Kit 1000mm (39 inch): Maximum Step/Threshold Height: 144mm (5 1/2 inch), Product Weight: 16.2kg (35.7 pounds).
  3. Multi-Fold Economy Wheelchair Ramps with Grip Surface

    Multi-Fold Economy Wheelchair Ramps with Grip Surface

    The Multi-Fold Economy Wheelchair Ramps with Grip Surface are incredibly portable and easy to use, ensuring kerbs and steps present no problems wherever you go. Their unique multi-folding design ensures travel and storage are as easy as possible. When not in use, the ramps can be carried using the convenient suitcase-style handle. The safety locking pins prevent accidental opening of the ramp once folded. The Multi-Fold Economy Wheelchair Ramps with Grip Surface boast excellent user safety features, such as the durable anti-slip surface of the track. Convenient length and compact size combine to make these ramps the ideal choice for wheelchair or mobility scooter users. External width: 730mm (28.7 inch). Internal width: 720mm (28.3 inch). Capacity: 275kg (43 stone). 5 different lengths of Multi-Fold Economy Wheelchair Ramps are available, weighing 11.4, 13, 16, 21 and 26kg respectively.
  4. Suitcase Ramp 2ft

    Suitcase Ramp 2ft

    Our Suitcase Ramp 2ft provides access across small steps and kerbs. It is suitable for wheelchairs, mobility scooters and pedestrians. An aluminium design makes them hardwearing and strong. A non-slip main surface ensures the wheels can take a safe grip. The Suitcase Ramp 2ft also has raised side edges to increase safety. A folding design makes the ramps easier to store and transport. There are two small pins on chains at the top of the ramp giving you the option to fix in place. Length: 600mm (24 inch). Width: 730mm (28 1/2 inch). Weight: 6kg (13lb). Max safe load: 272kg (43 stone). Sidewall height: 40mm (1 1/2 inch). Folded size: 610 x 380 x 90mm (24 x 15 x 3 1 1/2 inch).
  5. Suitcase Ramp 4ft

    Suitcase Ramp 4ft

    This Suitcase Ramp 4ft is designed for wheelchairs and mobility scooters. It can be used to overcome small sets of steps and high kerbs. An aluminium design makes the Suitcase Ramp 4ft strong and hardwearing. It features raised edges and a grippy top surface for safety. A folding design and the grab handle makes the ramp simple to store and transport. Length: 1220mm (48 inch). Width: 740mm (29 inch). Weight: 10.4kg (23lb). Max safe load: 272kg (43 stone). Side edge height: 40mm (1 1/2 inch). Folded size: 80 x 380 x 1220mm (3 x 15 x 48 inch).
  6. Wheelchair Ramp Telescopic Channels (4ft)

    Wheelchair Ramp Telescopic Channels (4ft)

    These Wheelchair Ramp Telescopic Channels (4ft) can be used by wheelchairs and some four-wheeled mobility scooters. They provide access up small steps and kerbs. A non-slip lip at either end ensures a secure hold. The aluminium construction makes the Wheelchair Ramp Telescopic Channels (4ft) strong, durable and lightweight. They have a telescopic design that allows them to be stored and transported easily. A grippy coating is applied to the channel to give the wheels good traction. Internal width: 112mm (4 1/2 inch). External width: 175mm (7 inch). Weight: 4.6 kg (10 lb). Size in bag is 77 x 22 x 5cm (30 1/2 x 8 1/2 x 2 inches). Max safe load: 240kg (38 stone). Length: 1220mm (4 feet). This pair of telescopic ramps comes with a bag.
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