Bathing aids to help with a range of task in the bathroom. Included here are adapted bathroom tools, plus incontinence care products and other equipment like bath boards, shower seats and commodes. Toilet frames, raised toilet seats and bath lifts are also available here.

Bathing aids to help with a range of task in the bathroom. Included here are adapted bathroom tools, plus incontinence care products and other equipment like bath boards, shower seats and commodes. Toilet


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  • This section has a range of bathing accessories. Welcome Mobility provides a number of cost-effective accessories and bath boards in the UK. A bath board offers a stable and secure platform within the bath and can be used as a shower board to rest on. Available in a vast selection of durable and long-lasting materials, these boards can often be locked into place to provide enhanced safety. This range of bath boards come in various sizes, weights and designs to perfectly suit your individual need and aesthetic appearance. Ensure correct bath measurements are taken before purchase.
  • Welcome Mobility offers a large selection of bath lift and disability hoist options. Specially designed to aid those with limited mobility to get in and out of the bath, this range of electric bath chair devices are high-quality and long-lasting. Welcome Mobility has a number of bath lifts with individual heights, weights, shapes and sizes to perfectly suit the user's personal preference and their disability requirements. This section also provides a variety of sliding benches and swivelling transfer aids. Stress-free transfers can greatly improve the bathing experience of the user while reducing strain on both the patient and the carer.
  • This section provides a vast range of bath chair options. Ensuring users are comfortable when bathing and providing easy transfers with swivel bathers, these chairs are a must-have addition. Choosing the right bath seat for elderly patients or those with disabilities can be a long task, which is why Welcome Mobility provides a large selection of chairs with different sizes, weights, materials and designs to perfectly suit both the user’s disability needs and their personal preferences. A majority of these bath seats come with secure suction cup feet to allow for enhanced security as well as add-ons to make the chair more customised to your needs.
  • This department displays a collection of bath step stool aids and bath step with handrail additions. These help users with limited mobility to climb in and out of the bath with reduced fall or slip risk. Available in a number of different colours, heights and weights, the bathtub step aids are the perfect addition to a bathroom. This section also provides stools with additional bathing accessories to ensure the step is customised for your individual needs and preferences. Some of these steps have a non-slip feature for safety as well as an anti-microbial additive to ensure the step is hygienic and clean during use.
  • This section features a selection of bathing accessories. Welcome Mobility provides a large range of high-quality accessories to make bathing stress-free. Whether it be a waterproof bath pillow, long-handled scrubber or a shower mat non slip pad, we are sure to have something for you. Ensuring safety when bathing is of utmost importance for the elderly or those with disabilities. These tools aid and improve comfort and hygiene with ease. This section also provides a variety of after bath accessories such as automatic body driers. This range of items is guaranteed to make baths a more relaxed and secure experienced. Check out these other bath aids here.
  • Welcome Mobility offers an extensive range of bath tools. Having an aid that makes bathing more relaxed can greatly improve the experience for many people with disabilities. From long handled toe nail clippers to non-slip tabletop grips, this range is guaranteed to have the shower tool for you. Ensuring that those with disabilities and the elderly are able to bathe effectively, Welcome Mobility only provide the highest quality bathing aids at an affordable price. This equipment is designed to assist with various tasks in the bathroom that may be difficult when an aspect of mobility or strength is taken away.
  • This section provides a range of waterproof mattress cover sheets and incontinence mattress protector covers. Ensuring bedding and furniture are protected, these aids offer a waterproof, highly absorbent sheet to soak up incontinence issues. This collection has a number of different methods for protecting the areas required, whether it be with a waterproof pillow protector or specially designed waterproof bedding. These products provide comfort, dryness and a safety barrier for the user. Suitable for personal use or for use within a care home or hospital, many of these bed pads are disposable for easy cleaning and an altogether more hygienic environment.
  • Here you can find a large selection of portable urinal bottles and bedpans for sale. These products assist with toileting when a person is unable to get to the bathroom to do so. Ensuring hygiene and comfortability, this section provides a number of disposable bed pans for easy and quick cleaning. Suitable for use both in the home and in a professional setting such as a care home or hospital, this range of toileting aids is guaranteed to keep the patient comfortable, dry and protected. Ideal for those with limited mobility or recovering from a severe injury, Welcome Mobility offers only the highest quality bathing aids available.
  • This section provides a number of commodes for sale. Featuring an extensive range, including, but not limited to, toilet commodes, commode chair with wheels and commode chairs. These commodes are available in several materials such as plastic, metal and wickerwork, ensuring you find an aesthetic to fit your needs. Welcome Mobility strives to be affordable with high quality and so, these commode chairs are available within various price brackets. Ideal for the elderly or those who are unable to go to the bathroom due to injury or disability, these commodes are the perfect aid.
  • Waterproof bedsheets, duvet covers and pillow cases for those facing incontinence issues in the bedroom.
  • Welcome Mobility offers an extensive range of safety rails for bathrooms. Providing bathroom grab bars in the home or in an establishment provides full accessibility to those with limited mobility. With a number of bath and shower hand rail options, this section is guaranteed to have the perfect bathing aid for you. These rails come in a variety of colours, designs and weights to suit your every need and personal preference. Many of these rails come with an anti-corrosion coating to ensure it is as long-lasting and durable as possible. Welcome Mobility provides an affordable option for everything from basic rails to the specially designed floor to wall supports.
  • Here you will find a variety of hair washing aid options. Those with limited mobility may struggle with hygiene and so a device specifically to take on the role of hair washer can be greatly appreciated. This bathing aid section also provides a number of accessories such as a hair washing tray, long handled tools and inflatable comfort aids. These devices are ideal for use both in the home and in an establishment such as a care home or hospital. Perfect for the elderly or those recovering from injuries, these hair washing devices can improve the independence and confidence of many.
  • This department provides a range of long handled sponge and bath scrubber options. Specially designed to reduce strain for those with limited mobility, Welcome Mobility provides an extensive selection of long handed combs, brushes and applicators. Whether you require back lotion application boots or a handled soap dispenser, this section is guaranteed to have something for you. Available in a number of designs, lengths and weights, these bathing aids will assist you in independent cleaning and comfort despite limitations. Welcome Mobility only provides the highest quality, affordable aids to ensure you are comfortable and safe.
  • This section offers a range of bathroom aids such as personal hygiene products and incontinence wipes. These items can help to prolong independence within the home for the elderly or those with disabilities. This range of bathroom aids provides everything from toileting aids to devices such as a long handled foot file. Welcome Mobility aims to provide these devices at the highest quality possible at the most affordable price to ensure everyone has access to the aids they require to live safely. With an extensive variety of different colours, designs and materials, there is guaranteed to have the perfect aid for you within the collection.
  • Providing a large range of shower seats in the UK, Welcome Mobility is guaranteed to have the specific aid for your induvial need. This section provides a number of various chairs for use in showers or baths including, multiple types of plastic shower stool and folding shower chair, anti-corrosion chairs, aluminium chairs and many more. Ideal for those with limited mobility or who prefer to sit during bathing, these chairs are a must-have. Available in a selection of different colours, heights, weights and designs, Welcome Mobility will have a chair to suit your personal needs and preferences.
  • In this department, you will find a number of toilet frame for disabled and elderly people options. Ideal for those with limited mobility this bathroom aids range provides a variety of frames including free standing toilet frame choices and toilet frame with seat additions. Often these frames are height adjustable and made from corrosion-resistant materials to enhance safety and hygiene within the home. Robust and durable, this selection of toilet frames has been chosen due to their high quality and cost-effectiveness. Ideal for use within the home or within establishments such as care homes and hospitals.
  • This section directs you to a number of raised toilet seat options in the UK. Helpful for the elderly and those with limited mobility, these raised seats can greatly reduce fall risk and ensures using the toilet is comfortable and safe. Available with an extensive range of additions such as padded toilet seat raisers and electronic raisers, this section is guaranteed to have an aid that best suits your need and personal preferences. Suitable for use both in the home and in a professional establishment such as a care home or hospital. See these other bathing aids.
  • Welcome Mobility provides a variety of folding shower seat and wall mounted shower chair options. Ideal for those with limited mobility or the elderly, these chairs enable the user to sit during baths or showers to reduce fall risk and increase comfort. Perfect for preserving space, the fold-up shower seats can be moved to the side or made flush with the wall. This section also has a number of shower seat with legs that are freestanding and are secured with suction cups or ferrules to prevent slipping. This bathing aids section will have the aid you need that fits your personal and medical preferences.
  • This section provides a selection of shower chairs for elderly people in the UK. These shower commode chair options greatly decrease fall risk while bathing or toileting due to transfers. Ideal for both the elderly and those with limited mobility, these chairs come in a variety of different shapes and styles. Ensuring potential transfers are smooth and stress-free, you can get a shower chair with wheels or with height adjustable legs. Many of these chairs have an anti-microbial coating on the corrosion-resistant metal used to guarantee a safe aid. Some of the chairs available come with a folding option to easy storage and transport. A shower chair, for elderly people, can make a huge difference to safety in the bathroom.
Frequently Asked Questions
What are bathroom mobility aids?

Mobility aids for the bathroom are designed to make the process of washing and undertaking daily bathroom routines safer and easierone.

They are intended for those who may be vulnerable to slipping or whose conditions impacts their strength or balance.

Which bathroom aids are most useful?

It depends on the nature of your condition, but some of the most commonly used include shower stools, grab rails, non-slip matting and toilet frames.

There are also smaller pieces of equipment which help with washing hard to reach places on the body or which assist with squeezing toothpaste tubes if you have weak fingers!

For people with arthritis in the hands, holding small or narrow objects can cause pain.

Sometimes, building up the handles of toothbrushes with either tape or foam can significantly increase comfort.

Similarly, special levers which fit to bathroom taps may make them easier to turn for those with reduced strength in the hands, fingers or wrists.

Are there bathroom aids to help get in and out of the bath?

Being able to use the bath without assistance is an important part of maintaining independence later in life - luckily there are aids to help.

Restricted mobility or limited balance may make the bath side a significant obstacle.

Bath boards - these fit across the bath, providing a ‘bridge’ on which to sit above the water.

The user sits on the board and simply lifts their legs, swinging them over the side of the bath.

Bath seats - these sit on the floor of the bath, effectively raising its height and making it easier to get in and out.

Bathtub support rails - these fix to the wall next to the bath, or in some cases midway on the bathside itself.

Support rails are key bathroom mobility aids for many people looking to maintain their independence.

Bath lifts - automated bath lifts which lower or raise the user in and out of the bath.

These are popular bathroom mobility aids and are available for most sizes of bath.

Bath steps - these provide a stable, raised platform next to the bath. They make it easier to climb over the side and into the bath.

Where can I buy mobility aids for the bathroom in the UK?

Welcome Mobility offers a wide range of bathroom aids, helpfully split into easy categories.

Are bathroom mobility aids available which reduce the chance of slipping in the shower?

There are a few pieces of routine equipment which make it safer to have a shower, if you think you might be prone to slipping.

You might, for example, consider a shower mat.

They are designed to sit on the floor of the shower tray and usually fix to its surface via suckers on the mat’s base.

On the other side there is a non-slip, high friction surface, providing firm footing for the user while they have their shower.

Bath mats do the same job when used in a bath-tub.

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