A wide range of commodes and commode chairs made for those who might have difficulty walking too and from the bathroom. Wickerwork, plastic, wheeled and other commode varieties are available in various price brackets.

A versatile plastic chair that can function as a seat, commode and shower chair.
A comfortable and dual use commode and shower chair with a lightweight aluminium frame.
A versatile commode chair that can also be used as an over-toilet frame.
A sturdy commode frame with a tilting seat to assist in rising.
An aesthetically pleasing and comfortable chair that can also be used as a commode.
A lightweight and portable commode which can be also used as a toilet seat or bath/shower seat.
A strong and sturdy commode chair with a removable pail.
This commode chair has an attractive chrome frame and a padded seat.
A discreet commode chair that has a padded seat and hidden commode pan.
A well designed commode chair that can be folded flat for transportation and storage.
A simple yet effective folding commode chair with a padded seat and backrest.
An attractive beech chair that has a hidden commode pan under the seat.
A anti-bacterial chemical formula that is designed to clean porta potties.
A well designed commode chair with a chrome plated steel frame.
A commode chair designed for use by larger and heavier people.
An innovative potty and commode liner that can be used to solidify waste and make it easier to dispose of.
The new bio-degradable Care Bag is a commode potty liner containing a special that absorbs and gels waste.
A combination shower and commode chair that reduces the need for patient transfers.
A range of extras that improve the TransAqua chair.
A combination shower chair and commode chair, with four castors for portability.
An aluminium chair that can be used as a seat in the shower and as a commode chair.
A versatile commode chair with an aluminium frame and four sturdy castors.
A multi-purpose shower chair that can also be used as a commode or toilet frame.
A sturdy PVC chair that has a tilting action and a dual use.
A versatile shower chair that can also function as an over-toilet frame and a commode.
A well designed wheelchair that can function as a shower and commode chair.
A highly supportive wheelchair with a tilting mechanism that can be used as a shower and commode chair.
A range of useful accessories for use with the Etac shower commode chair.
A simple and effective steel-framed commode chair.
Z-Tec Fixed Height Wheeled Commode with four braked castors in a chrome finish.