Grab Rails

These cost-effective grab rails and supports are made to help in a variety of tasks in the bathroom and around the home. These are available in a range materials and coatings. Basic rails are available as well as more specific bathtub and floor-to-wall supports.
A sturdy and versatile steel grab rail that can provide support and stability.
A fantastic range of grab rails made from white polyester epoxy, a tough and wear resistant material.
A strong, flat-ended Grab Rail which offers extra support and stability.
An angled grab rail that does not obstruct doors or other features, while providing support and balance assistance.
A range of epoxy-coated steel grab rails for indoor and outdoor use.
Strong, waterproof plastic grab rails with a unique fluted design for maximum grip.
A range of steel grab rails that offer support and stability.
Economical grab rails which add essential support to any place where the user may be at risk from slipping.
These steel grab rails can be supplied with either an epoxy or plastic coating.
A range of angled and straight grab rails.
A range of grab rails which add instant protection to any room in the house, where users may be prone to slipping.
A range of steel grab rails with a choice of a chrome or epoxy finish.
A range of powder coated steel grab rails that can aid in rising and lowering from chairs and other places.
A range of plastic-coated steel grab rails that can be secured to the wall.
A range of wall mounted grab rails that have soft and secure moulded hand sections.
Durable grab bars with a fluted shape, ideal for installing in wet environments where extra support is needed.
An innovative grab rail that can be fixed to nearly any flat surface.
Ergonomically designed grab rails made from tough plastic, and reinforced with a steel insert. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.
A versatile plastic grab bar that offers support to people with poor mobility.
An innovative grab rail that can be secured to most flat surfaces using suction cups.
Durable grab rails made from high quality plastic coated steel, ideal for kitchens or bathrooms.
A range of strong and sturdy grab bars that provide support and balance.
A range of chrome plated steel hand rails that can be fixed to the wall and assist in rising and transfers.
A strong and discreet 18-inch grab rail which is specially designed for outdoor use.
A grab rail that has two lockable suction cups to enable it to be fixed securely to the wall.
A handy grab rail that can be fixed to a range of surfaces using lockable suction cups.
A steel rail that can be used for support and balance when using a toilet.
A handrail that can be attached to the side of a bath and used to assist in getting in and out.
A range of attractive stainless steel grab rails.
A handy bath rail that can be used as leverage support when transferring in and out of the bath.