Paediatric Feeding Aids

Here you will find paediatric feeding aids - plates and bowls designed for children. These items are made with built up sides or to help those with unstable or weak grip. This paediatric feeding aids sections also features bowls with suction bases to reduce spills.
This bowl and plate have been designed for children with poor hand and grip function.
A range of flexible plastic cups that have a front cut-out to accommodate the nose.
A specially designed plate and bowl that are useful for people that take longer to eat meals.
A specially designed plate that enables one-handed eating.
Flexible drinking straws containing a one-way valve, enabling easy and comfortable drinking.
A durable plate divided up into separate compartments, ideal for portion control and easier loading of food onto cutlery.
A discreet adapted plate with a concave edge and a non-slip base, helping users with limited mobility to eat without stress or spillages.
A height and angle adjustable tray compatible with the Feeder Seat.