Pressure Relief Cushions

The pressure relief cushions in this section have various designs, all design to improve comfort for those forced to sit for sustained periods. Included here are cost-effective foam designs and more expensive gel cushions made for prolonged useage.
Luxurious fleece wool cushions which add instant comfort and softness to wheelchair, mobility scooter or chair seats.
A range of cushions in different shapes with a memory foam top layer.
A foam cushion that makes kneeling down much more comfortable.
A wedge shaped cushion that can reduce lower back pain when sitting.
A soft and supportive trough which cushions and elevates the whole leg.
A specially shaped memory foam cushion that can support the lower back.
A memory foam ring cushion that can make sitting for long periods more comfortable and supported.
A foam ring that makes lying down in a prone position more comfortable.
A cost-effective way to improve the comfort and support of your commode seat, providing a generous 4 inches of foam padding.
A supportive leg trough that can be used to relieve pressure during extended periods laying in bed.
A faux-suede chair overlay that offers comfort, postural support and storage space.
A soft cushion with a pressure relieving and comfortable noduled surface.
A grooved wheelchair and day chair cushion which helps prevent or relieve pressure sores, providing comfort and support all day long.
A specially shape support that can be used to elevate the legs whilst in bed.
A specially designed cushion with a range of comfort, support and pressure relieving features.
Modular cushion with profiles on both top and bottom surfaces which makes it a favourite in the community for its ease of use.
A specially shaped foam cushion designed to counteract sagging of the seat.
An inflatable cushion that provides effective pressure relief.
A comfortable cushion that provides excellent pressure reduction for those at a high risk of developing pressure ulcers.
A foam wedge that will support the legs in an abducted position.
A memory foam that provides pressure relief and comfort to the user.
A specially shaped cushion that makes lying in a prone position more comfortable for women.
This foam cushion offers excellent comfort and pressure relief.
A two section back rest that is specially contoured for optimum support and comfort.
A specially shaped foam roll that can help with lower limb positioning.
A unique and innovative cushion that provides support and pressure relief.
A triple layered cushion that provides posture support and pressure relief.
A soft and comfortable cushion designed for use in a variety of situations.
A gel filled cushion that is ideal for people at risk of pressure related injuries.
A high quality foam cushion that is both supportive and pressure relieving.