Pressure Relief Cushions

The pressure relief cushions in this section have various designs, all design to improve comfort for those forced to sit for sustained periods. Included here are cost-effective foam designs and more expensive gel cushions made for prolonged useage.
Suitable for those at high risk of developing pressure sores.
A specially shaped cushion with a memory foam top that provides support and pressure relief.
An anatomically shaped foam support that makes lying face down more comfortable for obese or pregnant patients.
A gel cushion that can provide effective support and pressure relief during bathing.
An inflatable cushion that offers effective pressure relief when seated.
A dense foam cushion that will make wheelchairs more comfortable and relieve pressure.
An inflatable cushion that can improve seated comfort.
A foam cushion that can be used to make sitting for longer periods more comfortable and supported.
A modular foam cushion that increase comfort and pressure relief.
A soft and warm fleece cover for use on a wheelchair.
A foam cushion with a ridged surface for pressure relief and a soft insert that accommodates the tailbone.
A pressure relieving foam cushion that is perfect for use in a wheelchair or day chair.
A highly supportive and comfortable cushion made from foam and gel.
An inflatable cushion that can be used in a bath.
A foam seat and backrest that can be used to make bathing more comfortable
An inflatable and pressure relieving wheelchair cushion.
A soft foam ring cushion that makes sitting for long periods more comfortable.
A supportive and soft booster cushion that can be used to raise the height of a seat.
A triple-layered foam cushion that helps to relieve pressure.
An inflatable cushion that can improve bathing comfort.
A soothing neck pillow filled with micro-foam beads which vibrate for a soothing massage effect.
A chair overlay that can massage and heat the muscles and thus reduce aches and pains.
A high quality foam cushion that offers support, comfort and pressure relief.
A three-layered foam cushion that is comfortable and supportive.
A memory foam support that can be used to reduce back pain.
A useful back support that can improve spinal alignment when seated.
A soft roll that can be placed inside a pillowcase and used to support the neck during sleep.
A memory foam cushion with a cut-out wedge, ideal for relieving pressure to the coccyx.
A combination foam and gel cushion that offers comfort and pressure relief.
A memory foam cushion which can be added to any seat for improved comfort and support.