Useful Household Items

This section features clever devices and other handy products designed to make life easier in small ways around the home.
A strong nylon strap with a rubber hand grip that can be used to assist in transfers in and out of cars.
A versatile footstool with a grippy rubber top surface and a steel frame.
Versatile furniture raisers for beds or chairs, an economical alternative to new adapted furniture.
A useful tool that can be used to assist in car transfers.
A secure key safe that can be mounted to an outside wall.
A simple ais that can be attached to a shoe to enhance grip on icy surfaces.
A handy device that removes the strain from squeeze-drying clothing.
A forged steel handgrip that can be used to assist in car transfers.
This range of sturdy perching stools is available with a variety of added extras.
The large LCD display means that it is ideal for people with visual impairments.
With bold, clear and easy to read digits this is a high quality analogue wall clock.
A simple tool that allows a user with a limited grip to hold a phone.
A handy footstool with a chrome-plated steel frame and a handrail for extra support.
A range of handy perching stools with steel frames and optional arm and backrests.
A discreet and robust key safe which provides safe, easy access to your home for trusted people.
A comfortable and versatile perching stool with a padded seat.
A versatile range of perching stools that can be used throughout the house and in the shower.
A faux-suede chair overlay that offers comfort, postural support and storage space.
A stainless steel perching stool that has a modular design that makes it easy to take apart and store.
A modern and large home key safe with a discreet, all-weather cover and easy to operate buttons.
A wall-mounted digital safe that can store a small number of keys, giving access to trusted personnel.
A uniquely designed clock that displays the time and whether it is morning, afternoon or night.
A chrome-plated steel stool with a sturdy vertical hand rail.
A useful key safe that can be used to provide regular and emergency access to the house of a vulnerable person.
This range of perching stools have foam padded seats for comfort.
A supportive and soft backrest that can be used to make sitting up in bed more comfortable.
A specially designed watch that can voice the time out loud.
An alert system that ensures the user can hear the doorbell or phone ringing.
A cushioned seat that can be used to make getting up from a chair or out of a car easier.
A set of scales that measures body mass, fat, water and muscle.